Monday, January 11, 2016

First Entirely Self Serving Post in a Long Time!

I was half expecting this blog to no longer be here. It is, and I’m obviously not here and updating anymore, so here is an entirely self-serving update to get any readers that do stop by to come and check my latest web projects.

Been some ups, downs and changes in the industry of course… the US in particular is no longer served by any poker sites that even resemble the pre-2011 ones. I’d say grinding as a whole is in decline, and the sites are making a bigger effort to recruit recreational players once again. New formats exist like lottery SNGs and sites with missions which did not really exist back then.
Here are some of the things I am working on:

SNG Planet now has a casino section. I designed this for the 80% of losing poker players out there (obviously not SNG Planet readers). My logic is that they would lose money a lot slower playing house edge games, and probably have a better chance of winning big too. This has a lot of in-depth information on slots, live dealer casinos and how to tell a reputable casino from the rest. You can find it at

The poker section of SNG Planet has also seen a lot of changes, new layouts and the like. There is still new information being published several times each month, and the old information update to keep up with the latest developments. I also decided to keep up with the latest bonuses month-by-month, you can find that article here:

A site which did not exist back when I was writing posts here regularly is called High Tech Gambling. This covers all of the gambling verticals of poker, sports betting and casinos. This is no small site, with 500 pages coming up fast. You’ll find a lot of information on the latest platforms (mobile phones mostly) here too. Check out for more.

I am still blogging, though less frequently than before. These posts are in the dedicated blog section of SNG Planet – simply called Planet Mark’s Blog.

You could join the social media sites which go with these sites of course, nothing wrong with the odd tweet or Facebook share. I’m old fashioned, rather than me sending the visitors to the social media sites, I’d prefer  it if they send the traffic to me (I know I know, call me selfish).

Anyway, my respect to anyone who kept on blogging all these years. I might even do a Melted Felt post at some point this year if and when the mood strikes. Until then, good luck at those super fast turbo short stacked only math no poker type tables that are so prevalent these days.


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