Sunday, December 01, 2013

General Updataments

Nothing too exiting to read here, I’m really just updating to keep this blog just a little bit better than completely dead and to link to my latest and greatest over at SNG Planet. That is where I am blogging nowadays. Still have fond memories of the innocent days which went with the start of this blog… poker was shiney and new and not bastardized by business for me back then. Now the fact that I have to think about it every day, and face the brutal realities of how dirty a business it is, taints the enjoyment so much that I sometimes wonder if it is worth bothering!

Sorry, bit gloomy.

Actually, I still enjoy my occasional tournament nights.

Find Zoom PLO to be very relaxing (3+ tables required to properly shut out the outside world).

Latest Innovations Over At SNG Planet

Newest of all is a fantastic new widget. This is our Poker Loyalty Program Calculator, and it compares the loyalty points-collection type schemes at different sites. At the moment we only have the non-US sites in there (Party, Stars, Tilt, Titan, 888 and OnGame’s Red Kings). Phase 2 will follow in the new year and add in the US sites… speaking of which…

US Sites

Lock, ah Lock, I had such high hopes that you would genuinely shake up the US market back towards the start of the year. 

After breaking off with Carbon and becoming their rival, after recruiting some ‘C’ level poker celebs to represent your brand, after showcasing the Stadiums Tour… after all those claims that ‘this time it would be different’.

Alas, it appears it was not to be.

Cashouts were the killer.

Calling it a ‘backlog’ does not really do things justice. It makes this sound like some niggling minor issue, when in fact there are players waiting 6+ months for their poker bankrolls to come back. When there are people who trusted this site with their money who have been left in limbo.

Now Lock have left the revolution network (with some drama) and are attempting to go it alone.
They just lost 3/4ths or more of their players, and are still not paying back the huge majority of people.

I was patient.

I wanted Lock to succeed.

I wanted to write about the payment issues getting solved, and a real rival to Bovada (now the biggest US site) and Carbon (Merge Network, my favorite, with their bigger tournaments / sngs focus).

The reality is that if Lock survive at all it will be as a shadow of their promised self. Just another US site scratching together a few players to get by.

What a shame, a damn shame.

Quick, Cheer It Up Mark – There Must Be Some Good Stuff Going On

Lots of promos in December, as the poker sites bring out their festive best. Some great ideas too Winter-Warmers, turbo SNG races and more… then along come PokerStars.


As far as December promos are concerned, PokerStars climbed up a stepladder, took down their pants and shat, hard, on everyone’s head.

Yep – their ‘December Festival’ is that good!

I will not turn this post into one of the many so called blogs which just mimic the poker news and promos. A couple of words will surely suffice. $5m Sunday Million, Golden SNGs, Missions, Milestone hands and a ‘mini’ tournament series with $10m in gtd prizes (which is far bigger than the biggest events which their rivals can offer!).

I’m going to have my last major blow-out of the year on the 8th Dec, when the $1 million Sunday Storm and $5 Million Sunday million both run… wish me luck! (or even better, check out my PokerStars Review Here, sign-up, and then lose your stack to me at the final table!).

GL at the tables, Mark