Tuesday, November 13, 2012

End Of My Old PokerStars Account ;(

Thought I’d return here to mark the end of an era, my original Pokerstars account, which was the subject of most of the early blog posts here – is gone.

No big scandal, the Stars affiliate department asked me to create a new one which was not linked to my commercial activities and then transferred my balance to it. The old account will just be for payments / cashouts of my affiliate income and can no longer play or chat.

While half of my brain knows it makes f all difference, the other half is still feeling a little sad… I kind of got attached to that Id, it played a good half of all of the poker hands I have ever been dealt and grew with me from shaky beginnings to actually building up a bankroll!

I should mention that time when I sat at the kitchen table playing just one SNG, a $16, losing would have left just $1 in my account… Sure, the glorious tale of winning the game and building back up from there would have sounded cool. Win I did, but to be honest I was a corporate slave at the time and $16 was no big deal, story does not sound quite as dramatic when I mention I would probably have had another deposit after a couple of weeks.

When I think of the people I knew through poker back then it is remarkable how few are still active. Poker got too serious for many, lost its allure as an entertainment activity. Others probably changed their lifestyle, graduated from college or were simply thrown out of the good games by different laws.

So, farewell to my old Id, and I can only guess that my Full Tilt one will go the same way once there is an affiliate program in place for that site.

GL at the tables, Mark