Friday, July 20, 2012

5 Reasons I Am Tipping 888 Poker For The Top

Well, ok, I will admit that 888 probably will not be toppling Pokerstars any time soon… however there are some very good reasons to believe that the fastest growing poker site are going to keep on growing – and could be knocking some well known sites off of their ranking spots along the way.

888 were previously branded as Pacific Poker, the rebrand has been gradual, and in 2012 the references for Pacific finally disappeared for good. It is the same site, and same team behind the scenes, this is great news – as their experience goes back more than 10 years.

Another thing to note is that this site is owned by the group who run the 888 Casino, which used to be called Casino-On-Net. This is the biggest online casino. The reason for mentioning this in a poker blog is that there is a lot of traffic  crossing over from the casino into the poker site. If you think that this makes the poker tables soft then you are right – the profitable games are one of the biggest reasons to move to 888 poker!

Ok, enough in the way of introductions – here are my 5 great reasons to check out 888 Poker for yourself!

#1 – Cool Software

The software is a hidden gem, it looks great and plays even better. If you are used to iPoker, Party or OnGame then this will seem like an amazing advance. I’m going to go as far as to say that this is a match for Pokerstars when it comes to the client.

#2 – Innovations

888 Are not sitting still, in addition to 3-d effect tables they have introduced private games, webcam tables and even team-poker. 

#3 – Effective Promotions

Many poker sites these days seem to need you to play 80 hours of 10 tables a week to score some cash in their promotions… great for the 2% who are grinders, but what about the rest of us? 888 offer more fun promos, tickets to live tournaments, sporting events and give-aways of gadgets… in addition to many ways to keep that bankroll topped up. Keep an eye on their website for the latest offers.

#4 – VIP and Welcome Bonuses

You’ll get a fast-clearing 100% match on your first deposit (max $400) + some great ongoing rewards through the player loyalty scheme. Points can be spend on bonuses or tournament entries… a great way to keep that bankroll growing!

#5 – Fish

This is the main reason to play at 888Poker, the fish come over from the casino, players loosen up in order to play more hands against them… and the games become super-soft compared to the ‘grinder’ filled tables at other sites. Once you see the games for yourself, I am making a strong prediction that you will never go back! Check out 888 Poker for yourself now and see the difference!

For more info you can see my detailed 2012 888 Poker review over at SNG Planet.