Monday, March 26, 2012

A Spring Full Of Poker Events

Spring in the air… so why am I sat inside writing about online poker events? Never mind that, here is a quick rundown of some of the online poker events (and satellites to some live ones) you can get involved with, erm, should it rain…

1 – SCOOP at Pokerstars

This is the 2nd most anticipated online poker event (the WCOOP each autumn being the first). The preliminary schedule has just been released which puts the start date for this one at May 6th. This event has a low / mid / high version of each tournament… and you can join the 1000’ of qualifiers to get into a higher event than you might normally play. Serious money is up for grabs, some lucky winners will have their lives changed by this one.

2 – iPOPS at Titan Poker

iPOPS stands for the iPoker Online Poker Series… for some reason this one does not roll off of the tongue the same way as SCOOP etc do. Anyway, this one is a series of 5 tournaments, with a twist! They start April 29th, have $1 million guaranteed in prizes and there are satellite qualifiers running right now.

The twist? The main event breaks up with 27 players still to go… and continues in Barcelona in a live-setting. This game alone has $500k guaranteed, so some big money to be had for the lucky final table players!

3 – PokerFest Back At Party Poker

Another successful tournament event leads to a re-run. PokerFest II kicks of April 22nd and has $3.5 million in guaranteed prizes – along with a $1 million guaranteed main event. There are plenty of satallites, leader boards, and those famous party poker fishy players too. One extra to look out for with this are the ‘Side Events’ which pay out WSOP packages as well as special daily dollar games each one with a unique twist… you will have to check out Party Poker to find out more.

4 – WSOP Satellites

These are now kicking off at Cake Poker and Party Poker… Pokerstars usually get theirs going when the SCOOP is over and the other sites are sure to be close behind. I have a dedicated page for these qualifiers over at SNG Planet which will get updated very soon (well, as soon as I finish my million other to-dos anyway!).

5 – More Live Events To Note

The WPT Marbella is soon, and you can qualify online for the UKIPT too – with the upcoming Nottingham event having a cool $1 million in guaranteed prize money these events are getting better and better.

GL at the tables, Mark

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some Cool Poker Tournament Promotions

Plenty going on in the world of poker tournaments at the moment… so this post is a quick run down of what is going on – along with links to places for more info on my wider poker network. If you love poker tournaments then these promos are always worth looking out for… you often find extra bonuses and incentives which can add some nice cash to your bottom line!

Pokerstars: Micro Millions:

I have detailed this one over at the SNG Planet blog in this post… 100 events, a $1 million first main event with a $22 buy-in and a reload bonus with a free token. This looks great!

Carbon Poker – Poker Maximus:

This one has already started, and includes a $200k guaranteed (I believe this is the biggest US online tournament since black Friday). A high roller event and plenty of other guarantees should see a lot of action on this Merge Network site… there is also a 70% reload bonus up to the 15th of March.

Party Poker – Spring Million:

The latest in Party Poker’s popular ‘Million’ series (seems to be about 1 per quarter at the moment), this is not until May 6th… however there are some good reasons for checking out Party now – the satellites. These start at just $1 (haha, sounded like a commercial there… ‘and that’s not all!’) and feed into progressively higher qualifiers. If you have not experienced the fish-fest which is a party poker satellite before then let me urge you to take a look… there is no easier site to win your $640 entry to the big event – and potentially life-changing money at the end of it!

Pokerstars – SCOOP

The spring championship usually gets announced around this time of year… this is always HUGE. Just flagging it for now – when the schedule comes in I will link to it from SNG Planet.

Titan Poker IPOPS2

Well, this is not quite the same as the ECOOP… but a worthwhile tournament promotion none the less. Titan are the biggest site on the crazy-soft iPoker Network, which is enough of a reason to play all on its own! IPOPS stands for ‘iPoker Online Poker Series’ and the 2012 version guarantees $1 million over 5 events. The twist with this one is that the final 3 tables of the main event (which has a $500k guarantee) transfer from the virtual tables to live poker. The last 27 will be flown to Barcelona to play for the big money… oh and you can satellite in too.

Remember that you can take advantage of my exclusive SNG Planet reader offer of a 200% match + $20 free cash ($30 min deposit needed for the extra cash!). Just use bonus code SNGPLANET – Click This Link To Check Out Titan Poker Now!

(PS: If you’d like more info first, you can read my Titan Poker 2012 Review here)

Pokerstars – Hot Turbos

I know, I know, Pokerstars again… these turbos are worth a look though – a bunch of daily guarantees for those who like their poker tournaments a little on the fast side!

Still waiting for news on the next Fishmarket at Red Kings… I am back in the office and updating regularly at the moment… so keep those eyes peeled!

GL at the tables, Mark