Monday, February 20, 2012

Do You Really Aspire To Becoming A Poker Robot?

Tongue-in-cheek post time… this one was inspired by reading through various poker forums and seeing the incredible exchanges between poker robots… erm, no, I mean between individuals who got good at multi-table grinding and are probably well balanced and friendly types with great social lives and no spots or greasy hair at all.

I love these kids, I really do. They got beaten and belittled at school, they got spurned by the ladies at college.. and now they are ‘free’ they are free to break even over 24 tables and make a comfortable living from points bonuses, they are free to act all superior in front of other nerdy losers who aspire to be just like them.. they are free to get snarky and act cool behind a keyboard towards those who are trying to be like them… they have escaped the world telling them what to do – but at what price?

The price is that they are trapped by their setups, trapped into spending 8+ hours a day alone, focusing on a computer screen, making thousands of utterly trivial dull decisions for every one which is even slightly interesting. They living in a world where the only change in the future might be higher buy-in level, or a new tool to bring in 0.001% more cash, at the mercy of poker sites who might decide to change their calculations in points or even run off with their bankroll completely. Their social interaction becomes a forum where instead of becoming friends with their peers they simply vent their frustration and anger at having such a monotonous and soul-destroying job.

Of course, they made their decision to be ‘free’ and will defend it until their dying breath. You fools who work for the man with your career prospects and social interactions… they will not be trapped into working in that cubicle all day, no way! Of course the irony is that the only jobs ex-grinders are capable of doing are the junior positions which their peers already worked their way out of to enter more challenging and interesting paths ahead.

Once they take the step to grinding freedom nobody can tell them they are wrong. As their friends disappear one by one, and they are left isolated with their computers and post-counts they will hold themselves tall and proud of examples of someone who ‘made it’… while those who once liked or loved them just look on in pity.

Hey, I love poker too.

Tell me though, do you really aspire to becoming a self-loathing online poker robot?

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