Monday, February 27, 2012

Back To Poker Basics: Knowing vs Doing

Another post for those on the start of their poker journey today… the last one looked at the gap concept, covering pre-flop starting hand selection. Here I will carry right on with the theme – though in a slightly different way. You see, it is all well and good knowing about poker strategy, and those things you should and should not do at the tables… the big difference between winning players and the rest concerns having the discipline to actually see thought the action based on your knowledge.

Let me start with the gap concept. You know you need stronger starting hands when someone has already entered the pot with a raise, yet still play those weak aces? You know what you should do, but in the heat of battle… well, you have not had a good hand in ages… but hey, you might get lucky with 2 pairs this time.

Stop stop stop.

What separates a winning player from the rest is that they are disciplined in their approach… only deviating when there is a solid reason (a mathematical one, not just a hunch!).

There are many more examples, the classic is an ICM mistake in Sit N Go Tournaments. Here a player might be experienced enough to know that calling with their ace-queen (for example) against a shove at the bubble is a losing play over time. Yet that hand feels so strong, looks so good and they are sure it crushes their opponents starting hand range… nope, you call here and you lose money, not some abstract ev measurement – we are talking real money.

That guy raises from the button again and you have junk in the big blind. You know in your clear thinking moments that you should fold, you will find a spot soon enough… or even steal some blinds yourself. Something still makes you call or re-raise… when he re-raises your turn barrel you know you are in trouble, yet he might just be pushing you around… of course discipline would have prevented this ugly situation.

I could easily come up with more examples here… no need for now, as I am sure you get the message.

It is no good just knowing what to do… you need to act on it too!

GL at the tables, Mark

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