Monday, January 23, 2012

This Little Player Went To (Fish)Market

Alright, a little contrived in the title – however I’m always in a happy mood when I find out that there is another ‘Fishmarket’ tournament scheduled.

This is a special which my favorite OnGame Network site – Red Kings Poker – run every few months. The concept is simple and brilliant at the same time… they created a tournament which is guaranteed to be soft (as in an easy to beat field) at the same time as guaranteed to pay out $10k in prizes…

And you know what, you can play in it for free – the next game is Feb 16th 2012.

New players at Red Kings get a free entry worth $11 in addition to a choice of 6 welcome (matched) bonuses and a cool $300 extra bonus the first time you are dealt two red kings… that’s a welcome package which other sites simply can not match – and with Red Kings one of the coolest sites on the huge OnGame network you will be in great hands too. Click this link to check out Red Kings and claim your triple-barreled bonus (token + matched bonus + $300 extra bonus) now!

Now, let me elaborate a little on the softness angle. You see by giving every new player a free entry they are guaranteeing that a large proportion of the field have little poker experience, or even none at all. This makes things lively at the tables, and does attract a lot of the smaller stakes players to the game – obviously they are attracted to the softness! This affects the other guarantee, that of a $10k prize pool… let me just say that this is usually smashed rather than just broken… you’ll be looking at a very big final table indeed.

That’s enough words, I’ll leave you to check out Red Kings for yourself – if you would like to see a (very) detailed review then my Red Kings Poker 2012 review over at SNG Planet is the place to see.

GL at the tables, Mark

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