Monday, January 16, 2012

8 Ways To Profit From 8-Game Mix Poker

I have been playing a lot of 8-game at Pokerstars recently, usually after a long day of work to wind down in the hour or two before bed! While there are some nitty regulars in these games, they are a generally a big draw for recreational players. This keeps them profitable – if a little frustrating at times!

This posts covers 8 ways to profit from this game… I for each variant. I might put together a part 2 with 1 more mistake for each one at some point down the line.

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Profit From 8-Game #1 – 2-7 Triple Draw

While you get the occasional player who simply does not know the rules (will draw to hit high hands), most players make smaller – yet still profitable – mistakes. Bad starting hand selection (3 mid cards 8 and under for example) dooms you to drawing dead in this game far too often, stay solid with the 2,7, x hands to start – preferably from position… and you’ll have an immediate edge!

Profit From 8-Game #2 – Limit Holdem

Too many hands, for too many bets from too many positions would sum this one up. For a more specific play look for players who jam their ace-rag hand s pre-flop… you’ll find this is most of them!

Profit From 8-Game #3 – Omaha-8

The fixed limit Omaha game is also loose. Sure, you will find a lot of mid-card hands and bare high pairs in the pot. Your profit will come from people jamming bad lows early, they are hoping to make their hand and get their money back.... hmmmm.

Profit From 8-Game #4 – Razz

While you should certainly steal in this game when folded to you vs the bring-in with a mid to high card, this is not the environment to be bluffing when several players enter the pot. Simply folding early and jamming when you have an edge will bring in the bets over time here – no need to get fancy.

Profit From 8-Game #5 Stud High

The extra betting round in stud games catches a lot of players out. You get trapped into a pot by the small size of the bets relative to the pot size, and may have been drawing dead from the start. Again solid play will bring its rewards, look out for opponents who raise with rags or always ‘represent’ with the high card showing…

Profit From 8-Game #6 – Stud Hi-Lo

Why so many players with lows re-raise to push out one of two high hands rather than let the pot build is often beyond me in this game. Chasing any low is the norm, and most high hands too. If you know the difference between situations where you should keep pots multi-way and those you should raise to thin the field then you are way ahead of your opponents here.

Profit From 8-Game #7 – No Limit Holdem

You will find the occasional player who knows how to play this game, however the 6x pre flop raises, multiple limpers and bad starting hands are the stuff that many no-limit players dream of. From a profit perspective, your implied odds and chances of being paid off are huge… laying down top pair is heroic in 8-game and folding an overpair as rare as rocking horse sh1t!

Profit From 8-Game #8 – Pot-Limit Omaha

Everyone in the pot chasing non-nut draws… aces which never fold, no matter what the flop texture and betting action. The pot limit Omaha round is a reason to play these games all on its own. Stick to connected hands and isolate the worst players from position… you’ll virtually be printing money.

Check out for yourself now – and start profiting from 8-game mix! (remember Pokerstars Marketing Code = PSP3108 for your 3x welcome bonuses!).

GL at the tables, Mark

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