Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 The Year Of Central And Eastern Europe?

Well, as many of you will already know Germany won the WSOP this year, France legalized online poker and their players disappeared into ‘French Only’ sites – and Spain will soon follow. These are now mature poker playing nations – though hopefully all have some growing to do.

Russia and the Russian speaking nations like Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakstan are also common at the poker tables – particularly at the lower limits. There are many markets still left, with the East often heralded as a potential monster should they ever catch the poker playing bug and South America already seen in increasing numbers at the tables… however I think that there are a lot of nations in Central and Eastern Europe which will show promise this year – it would be great to see a Hungarian winner of the 2012 main event!

Sure, many of the nations we are talking about are relatively small. Hungary with 10 million, Czech with 10 more, Slovaks and Slovenians with just a few million each and so on… however there are some giants with Poland at 50 million and Romania with 20+. When you add the Baltics, Balkans and Bulgaria then all of a sudden you are talking about 100 million people+

This is why I will be focusing on some of these countries this year. Sure, a lot of these people will speak ‘Western’ languages (English and German mostly, though some countries prefer French!). What I’m going to do is provide a couple of different tiers of information and strategy content. Really making good on jobs I already started in a lot of cases. There are two different routes for this:

1) SNG Planet. This is already available in Russian, Hungarian and Romanian… the Polish version got out of date so this will be fixed up in the new year (along with the French). My priority is to get a system in place which allows these versions (they are all 100+ pages) to stay up to date… once this is done I will consider other languages (Dutch / Spanish / Portuguese are all possible!).

2) Bonus Club Network: I have 8 ‘Bonus Club’ sites, these have a lot of reviews and information on bonuses, they also have a lot of strategy and comparison content. Again they are out of date… well most of them… so 2012 will see me bring them up to speed. I have some which have not been touched for more than a year (Polish / Slovak / Bulgarian versions)

I also have other sites in different languages, Russian and Hungarian blogs in particular… this does need to fit in with my strategy of keeping a smaller number of sites and managing them more effectively – so I am not going to go crazy with the ‘support sites’ or blog creation just yet.
So, whether you are from these areas or not then make a note to review my prediction for the end of 2012. In the meantime here are some links for the latest 2012 bonus codes / marketing codes for those of you who (like me!) live in the awesome Central And Eastern Europe!

Online pókertermek bónuszkódjai 2012-re
(Hungarian, though if you can not read it I guess it does not matter!!).

Бонус-коды на 2012 год (Russian!)

Codurile pentru bonusul de poker online pe 2012 (last but not least, some info in Romanian!)


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