Thursday, November 17, 2011

General Planet Corp Update

Time for another of my irregular updates on progress here at Plan3t Gong. I actually enjoy updating here, even though my main blogging and more details are over at the SNG Planet blog these days. This is because each time I come back the archives here remind me of where I came from as far as poker goes... those enthusiastic games where beating SNGs was not about the money, more for the sheer fun of it... Of course, poker is my business these days – so here are some highlights from around my network.

First up, my Omaha site Omaha Planet – which specializes in helping beginning and transitioning players at PLO, PLO8, O8 and Mixed Game money games and tournaments. This one got very out of date, so much so that Full Tilt, Absolute and Ultimate Bet were still included... this has now been fixed. I have been through every article on the site and updated it, and also added some brand new ones including some cool comparison articles. Anyway, check this site out today, I think you'll enjoy the content there!

Next SNG Planet, quite a few updates here too, including a nice revamp for the German pages and a brand new look for the pages focusing on US friendly sites. Still a bit to do with some of the other languages... however I have bigger and better projects to be focused on at this point in time and will reconsider these in the new year.

Rakeback-Planet is next on my list, I will start the revamp of this one next week... This was a solid little site at one point and I hope that with some diligent efforts I can bring it back to its former level. Funny that Rakeback does not seem such a focus item in online poker in general these days – Full Tilt gone + Carbon stopping theirs had some effect, though I also think that the improved VIP rewards offered by the 2nd tier sites has had an effect. To address this I plan a bigger focus on loyalty schemes in the new version of rakeback-planet... if you are reading this in late November this might already be done.

Several more projects in the pipeline, including the 5th part of my popular SNG blueprint course.... you can either keep an eye on the SNG Planet blog, or join my facebook group at for regular updates.

GL at the tables, Mark