Monday, October 10, 2011

Updating My German Material

One thing I have learned since closing the office and becoming a one-man-band kind of affiliate is that it is hard to keep up! I’m not just talking about having a large number of sites either, the complication is a large number of sites in different languages.

So, this week will be ‘project catch up’ for me and I already got a small headstart with the German version of SNG Planet yesterday… you can see the results from the homepage here” (I will not list all of the URLs, since you can find most of them from the homepage anyway)

Here are some of the key updates done, and a few to be done:

- Best Site for SNGs. The old version had too many choices and included Full Tilt in a few spots. Now only 3 categories to choose from (recreational, new and pros) and 2 choices for each. Hard to get away from Stars these days, with their huge volume… however there are a couple of nice alternatives.

- Poker Edge Review: Is this software fair? Well, some of the major networks are trying to ban it for sure – apparently without much success at the moment. The ‘crime’ this powerful HUD is committing is to pool player data – so you get huge samples of hands on opponents you have never played before…. You can check out the Poker Edge website for more.

- Best Beginners Tournaments: This was not just out of date, it was an embarrassment! Full Tilt is one thing – but Absolute Poker – UGH!! Anyway, most of the tournaments changed around to come up to date… with only the old favorite 180s and $3+R’s staying in the list.

- New To Satellites Guide: This was a translation from the English, It came about to fill a gap which ‘assumed’ all players knew about poker satellites and how they worked… Of course, new players do not know much about these – and need a straightforward article to explain the basics.

- 18 Player SNG Strategy, another translation from a pretty good English article… even if I do say so myself! 18-mans as they are know are getting more and more popular.

Still have several to go… including updates of some of the ‘mains’ and sub-main pages – like I said in the intro this week will focus on clearing the backlog of language articles to go up… Of course, while I am doing this I am sure to find many more which need to be re-written / added, ah well!

GL at the tables, Mark

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