Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Started Coverage Of 2 New Sites

It has actually been a long while since I covered a new poker site. With the top 6 or 7 being a head-and-shoulders above the rest it always confused me a little as to why so many poker sites wasted perfectly good strategy content with an advert for some tiny site with 4 players which nobody had ever heard of.

Well, I actually found a small site with relatively few players and decided after just half an hour at the tables that I needed to promote them!

Why?? (I hear you all cry in unison!).

They have a game which is more or less the equivalent of Rush Poker, that’s why! The site is called Terminal Poker (I have a detailed Terminal Poker Review already up at SNG Planet, so will not repeat all the details here).

What they offer is called ‘Speed Poker’, this is a pooled player game where you move to a new table as soon as you fold one hand you are re-combined with players from your pool and start another one!

Cash games come in Holdem and PLO format, this is a new site so there are not yet huge numbers of players. Tournaments are currently free, with real money prizes and I am hoping to see some paid ones come in once there are a decent number of players at the tables.

Key here (back to my old blogging thought process again!) is that this site could actually become very popular indeed. Step back for a moment and think about how getting good at a game while it is new and then riding the wave of new players as the site takes off could do for you!! If you are thinking profits, then we are on the same wavelength.

You can claim a great 200% bonus to start you off with my bonus code SNGPLANET. Click this link to check out Terminal Poker – you’ll be glad you did!

New Site #2 – William Hill

I started covering a new site on the iPoker Network too in the form of William Hill. This decision was / is a little more complex, since I am actually quite happy to work with Titan Poker… unlike some affiliates I have a great relationship with them and am reasonably happy with their performance.

The reason is one of branding / advertising. I can and do push Titan on some sites, the games are soft and the promos decent. However, since they do not market their brand on the TV / Web much (other than through affiliates) this is a somewhat harder sell than a brand people already know… if you like I need to introduce the site, sell it, then get the player to join.

My thinking was that sites whose brand is already known are generally an easier proposition. Add to this the fact that I target a lot of beginner level players (deliberately as this side of the market is not as saturated as the ‘experts’ part which every affiliate and his dog have covered!) then I’d like to be able to offer a brand that they know already.

Anyway, I’m going to introduce them gently and will not give them ‘top spots’ until we see some results and can make an objective measurement against the other sites. Always good to have some competition in place though – maybe for when we get to haggle over rates next with the sites I’ll be in a stronger position!

Here is the link for more: William Hill Poker Detailed Review. (note, I also have a SNG Specific review, linked from the main one, and am about to get the same reviews up in Hungarian and Russian!)

GL at the tables, Mark

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