Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lots Of SNG P Updates (Newsletter)

I send out a monthly newsletter to SNG Planet readers these days who have subscribed to one of my free courses (the $16 Per Hour SNG Blueprint being the latest). Instead of writing about updates here I will - for this month only - just copy and paste the newsletter I sent out for September 2011. Lots of updates included!

If you'd like future updates then get on over to SNG Planet and join the course today!

SNG Planet News September 2011


Just got back from a well earned vacation and realized I have loads to share in this month’s newsletter for both US and Non-US readers.

This includes a major update of my ‘US Sites’ reviews, info and pages, a great token offer at Titan Poker and news of a new poker game which anyone who misses Rush Poker will love!

Before I start all that a sneak preview exclusive to newsletter readers… I have started work on a 5th part to the $16 per hour SNG Blueprint. This will be different from the first 4 and will go through individual hands and bubble situations – going through both the math and the situational factors… I expect this to be ready in about a month’s time, and will let you all know how you can get a copy!

Right, enough previews – here are some of the great updates over on the main site.

First up, a long overdue update of my ‘US friendly sites’ pages. I’ll admit to waiting for Merge (Carbon) to come back and will now have to update the site again when they do… oh well, all in a days work for a poker webmaster. Updates include a new main page with status updates, news and links + reviews for the main sites and game specific articles. If the new breed of subscription sites start looking good they will be included later.

Here is the main article:

Next, for players outside of the US, a smaller site is offering a game called ‘Speed Poker’ which works on the same principles as Rush Poker – pooling players. This is small at the moment, I loved the game and have a feeling that it could take off... which is a great reason to get good at it now! Anyway, check out my review and then use bonus code SNGPLANET for your 200% welcome while you check it out!

Strategy-wise, I completely re-wrote my 45 player SNG strategy article this month. Was quite pleased with the result. In addition I added an article on Game Theory at the SNG bubble which analyzes how ‘schooling’ of several non ICM-savvy opponents might affect your returns.

Finally (and a little late to let you all know), another great token offer from Titan Poker between now and the end of the month. This is on top of the $20 cash and 200% match I already offer and is a $10+75c token for a SNG satellite for the $200k guaranteed Sunday Major there. Details via the link below – you’ll need to play the SNG in September though you can use any tokens you win later.

That’s all for this month – hope to see you back at SNG Planet soon!

GL at the tables, Mark

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