Tuesday, June 07, 2011

US Poker Temporatily Dead + Other Updates

Time for another of my intermittent posts back here at Plan3t Gong. Since I am not doing my main day-to-day (well, few times a week) blogging over at the SNG Planet blog - this is more an occasional overview of the wider themes in the world of poker, specifically some of my current focus areas - and links to anything interesting enough to be linked to.

This month, the key theme is that the US is effectively shut out of online poker now... sure a couple of rooms still take players, however I am not going to recommend them any more - I would not feel safe having my money on Cake or Bodog at this time, and so I can not info on any websites which recommends readers do this. I'm sure that legislation is in the pipeline, what the result looks like is anyones guess, as well as when things get implemented.

So, I'm focusing globally at the moment, on European Poker Networks and on Russia too - where I am just in the process of starting a training site - hopefully the start of something which will be the Ru equivalent of PxF or Cardrunners a year or two down the line!

One thing that did happen after black friday was a big esclation in the competition between the non-US networks to portray themselves as the safe-haven for players... Party have a lot of history and a decent brand name to pull this one off... however I liked the aggressive way that Titan Poker went about this, offering a huge 200% to $1000 bonus and coming up with some cool new promos including their tournament sale, SNG Heat and $1 World Series 2011 satellites
too... not bad, I still rate Titan highly after all these years - see my main Titan Poker Review Titan Poker Review for a whole bunch of reasons why!

Other projects include a new course aimed at US players - called Live Poker Gold, this should be ready shortly - I'll do a separate post about this so as not to make this one too long and convoluted.

After that my Casino site is in line for a big revamp... it has actually been a source of frustration for me that this one is not doing better. Frustration on its own gets me nowhere of course - so I have a plan to get this one in order, including a more global focus, longer and more informative pages and a brush-up of some of the graphics too. You can find it at GONE!

Thats all for the moment - best of luck at the tables and I'll be back to announce the live course at the start of next week.