Monday, April 25, 2011

Planet Corp Update Post "Black Friday'

Big changes since the last update here, I am not going to describe the DoJ indictment of 16th April in this post, since everyone affected already has a million sources of news, views and opinions... instead I'm going to let you know where to find useful articles from around my network of sites. At this point in time there is no easy answer, the best we can hope for is that some kind of leglislation in the US will allow people to play again in the not too distant future. I share the anger and frustration of the many ordinary players affected, at the same time I need to get on with producing articles and quality information for my (growing!) global readership.

First up, I have put together two separate guides for SNG Planet, the first looks at 'Black Friday' from a US players perspective, outlining the choices of site which are still open. The second is from the non-US players perspective... since many people are rightly nervous about playing at Stars and Full Tilt Poker while there are questions about money. Here are the links:

Elsewhere at SNG Planet the big upcoming theme is this year's World Series Of Poker satellites, I expect a marked effect on number of participants in the 2011 Main event without US players being able to get involved in the qualifiers, however there should still be 1000's involved and millions ($5 million+??) for the winner... and yes, I do expect the satellite qualifiers at Full Tilt and Stars to be softer without the US players involvement (since the US were more skewed towards serious players and pros, as many casual players already thought that poker was illegal).

Anyway, here is the main WSOP page: WSOP Satellite Qualifiers

Elsewhere on the network we are working on videos for the Russian version of SNG P and have some new material at Omaha Planet. I am slowly getting through the list of sites with refreshes and updates, as you can imagine this is a long list and a lot of updates for each one. For example Rakeback-Planet (with the dash) was heavily promoting Full Tilt rakeback and now has to quickly switch to Carbon Poker!

On the casino side there are more plans than actions, I am going to be working on this side of things a little more this week in fact - after the first 10 days post-break were taken up entirely with bringing the poker sites up to date with the latest changes. I think it is time that the Cool Casinos Club had a redesign, something to give a better first impression, anyway here is the current version - ideas welcome!!

Thats about it for the moment - I'm blogging more regularly at the SNG Planet blog these days, though I'll pop back here and give an update of the latest and greatest now and again!

Gl at the tables, Mark