Monday, February 21, 2011

Latest News From The Planet Corporation

Progress with the network of Planet Corp sites has been a little disrupted lately, for a good reason. I only returned 10 days ago from a month enjoying many of the islands and beaches of Thailand. While I intended to work ‘on the road’ this did not work out in the end and I ended up taking a well deserved break.

Of course, now I am back in the office there is a new level of intensity – all of the main tasks to get the sites back up to date are now completed. Next job is to move forward with some new projects… this post will detail some of them.

First up a new Hungarian site, covering online blackjack. This is a relatively small one, though we have tried hard to make it good quality – covering blackjack strategy, reviews and tips. You can see the result here:

Several changes in the structures of games available at the biggest sites happened while we were away. The main ones were Full Tilt’s Multi Entry Tournaments, Multi Entry Tournaments and the Fifty 50 SNG Fifty 50 SNG games at Pokerstars which are replacing the Double or nothing SNGs (these will be around until the 28th Feb and then closed). I put up articles covering not only how these games work, but some strategy ideas too at SNG Planet, we also have these in Russian, with Hungarian versions due early this week.

Ah yes, back to Hungarian, I have the $16 per hour SNG formula ready in for our Magyar readers… just a matter of getting the preview page done and the e-mails translated over now, will probably release that one in the Morning (Tues 22nd). You can see this over on the SNG Planet main page via the Hungarian flag in the top right corner.

Upcoming are the Mini-FTOPs and of course the WSOP 2011 Satellite Qualifiers will be on to us before we know it. Party Poker were the first this time with $14,000 packages and ultra-soft fields making this an attractive choice for non-US readers. I will resurrect the World Series page at SNG Planet, however my poker news type site will keep a regular track on the offers of all of the sites / networks. You can see this at: Best Poker Networks

This week we will be working on a few projects – top priority is an ugly old dog of a site which needs fixing… Poker Bonus Club Russia… which reminds me, I’d best get cracking.

Will be back for another Planet Corp update in a few weeks!

GL at the tables, Mark