Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 The Year Of Central And Eastern Europe?

Well, as many of you will already know Germany won the WSOP this year, France legalized online poker and their players disappeared into ‘French Only’ sites – and Spain will soon follow. These are now mature poker playing nations – though hopefully all have some growing to do.

Russia and the Russian speaking nations like Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakstan are also common at the poker tables – particularly at the lower limits. There are many markets still left, with the East often heralded as a potential monster should they ever catch the poker playing bug and South America already seen in increasing numbers at the tables… however I think that there are a lot of nations in Central and Eastern Europe which will show promise this year – it would be great to see a Hungarian winner of the 2012 main event!

Sure, many of the nations we are talking about are relatively small. Hungary with 10 million, Czech with 10 more, Slovaks and Slovenians with just a few million each and so on… however there are some giants with Poland at 50 million and Romania with 20+. When you add the Baltics, Balkans and Bulgaria then all of a sudden you are talking about 100 million people+

This is why I will be focusing on some of these countries this year. Sure, a lot of these people will speak ‘Western’ languages (English and German mostly, though some countries prefer French!). What I’m going to do is provide a couple of different tiers of information and strategy content. Really making good on jobs I already started in a lot of cases. There are two different routes for this:

1) SNG Planet. This is already available in Russian, Hungarian and Romanian… the Polish version got out of date so this will be fixed up in the new year (along with the French). My priority is to get a system in place which allows these versions (they are all 100+ pages) to stay up to date… once this is done I will consider other languages (Dutch / Spanish / Portuguese are all possible!).

2) Bonus Club Network: I have 8 ‘Bonus Club’ sites, these have a lot of reviews and information on bonuses, they also have a lot of strategy and comparison content. Again they are out of date… well most of them… so 2012 will see me bring them up to speed. I have some which have not been touched for more than a year (Polish / Slovak / Bulgarian versions)

I also have other sites in different languages, Russian and Hungarian blogs in particular… this does need to fit in with my strategy of keeping a smaller number of sites and managing them more effectively – so I am not going to go crazy with the ‘support sites’ or blog creation just yet.
So, whether you are from these areas or not then make a note to review my prediction for the end of 2012. In the meantime here are some links for the latest 2012 bonus codes / marketing codes for those of you who (like me!) live in the awesome Central And Eastern Europe!

Online pókertermek bónuszkódjai 2012-re
(Hungarian, though if you can not read it I guess it does not matter!!).

Бонус-коды на 2012 год (Russian!)

Codurile pentru bonusul de poker online pe 2012 (last but not least, some info in Romanian!)


Tuesday, December 06, 2011

US Poker Update, December 2011

US Poker Site Options December 2011

Started the reviews of the year over on my satire blog, Melted Felt, already! However thought I should keep the tone a little more sober here on Plan3t Gong – covering the latest news on US sites and my recommendation for where my US friends and colleagues should head.

My main US Friendly Poker Sites page is over at SNG Planet and links out to all the reviews and the latest news, in addition to some other articles which are covering specific games.

US Poker Sites December 2011

My top rec is still Carbon Poker, on the excellent Merge Network. They get the hat-tip over Cake for being…. Well, just all round better! Their software is cool (check the animations you can trigger from the tables!), the game selection getting better each month for both cash and tournament fans – and the bonuses are better there too – starting with my exclusive 200% to $600 + $11 SNG token with bonus code SNGPLANET.

-- Click Here To Check Out The Awesome Carbon Poker For Yourself

Don’t get me wrong, Cake are OK – in fact if you are after some volume of tables to choose from then why not try both! It is just, well, Cake seem stuck in 2007 for me… just how I feel when I look at their tables, their promotions…

US Poker Site News December 2011

Bodog are the big news this month. With their new software making play anonymous. They have declared this part of their strategy to keep the grinders away, after already reducing rakeback and bonuses for winning players. The biggest effect is that people can not use software to easily determine the style of their opponents…

I can see the benefits, though I can also see how so many players are angry! For recreational players who do not want to ‘lose face’ this could be a nice touch, after the usual ‘you changed it!’ clamour dies down we will see what the effect on this site is.

Of course, Bodog have pre-announced that the brand will leave the US at the end of the year… so this is not really the best time for US players to be depositing. I expect the site to remain under a new brand name… so watch this space.

No particular news on legislation, Harry Reid’s name made the online press again this week. Though on examination that story looks more like a thin hope than anything of real substance! Nevada are going legal within their own state borders, which is some progress. Industry experts are flagging this as a chance to build some experience for their operators more than a serious attempt to re-instate online poker to its pre-UIGEA glory.

That’s all for one post – I’ll be back with a more general update of my poker network soon.

GL at the tables, Mark

Thursday, November 17, 2011

General Planet Corp Update

Time for another of my irregular updates on progress here at Plan3t Gong. I actually enjoy updating here, even though my main blogging and more details are over at the SNG Planet blog these days. This is because each time I come back the archives here remind me of where I came from as far as poker goes... those enthusiastic games where beating SNGs was not about the money, more for the sheer fun of it... Of course, poker is my business these days – so here are some highlights from around my network.

First up, my Omaha site Omaha Planet – which specializes in helping beginning and transitioning players at PLO, PLO8, O8 and Mixed Game money games and tournaments. This one got very out of date, so much so that Full Tilt, Absolute and Ultimate Bet were still included... this has now been fixed. I have been through every article on the site and updated it, and also added some brand new ones including some cool comparison articles. Anyway, check this site out today, I think you'll enjoy the content there!

Next SNG Planet, quite a few updates here too, including a nice revamp for the German pages and a brand new look for the pages focusing on US friendly sites. Still a bit to do with some of the other languages... however I have bigger and better projects to be focused on at this point in time and will reconsider these in the new year.

Rakeback-Planet is next on my list, I will start the revamp of this one next week... This was a solid little site at one point and I hope that with some diligent efforts I can bring it back to its former level. Funny that Rakeback does not seem such a focus item in online poker in general these days – Full Tilt gone + Carbon stopping theirs had some effect, though I also think that the improved VIP rewards offered by the 2nd tier sites has had an effect. To address this I plan a bigger focus on loyalty schemes in the new version of rakeback-planet... if you are reading this in late November this might already be done.

Several more projects in the pipeline, including the 5th part of my popular SNG blueprint course.... you can either keep an eye on the SNG Planet blog, or join my facebook group at for regular updates.

GL at the tables, Mark

Friday, October 21, 2011

Timed Tournaments And Other Innovations Which Did Not Fly!

Tried a couple of those timed tournaments at Pokerstars yesterday. Fun games for sure, and also fun thinking about how to adjust your approach to beat them... I'm going to put my thought into writing that these are not a long term winner in the poker world. A headline grabbing gimmick at worst and an entertaining distraction at best.
Innovation in online poker has a huge role to play, keeping the games fresh and the fish happy! Here are my thoughts on a few of the other innovations for the last couple of years... along with a virtual thumbs up or down.
Party Poker Double Holdem
This was almost exactly a year ago, I know this as I booked a couple of nice little domains with a view to becoming an authority if this game ever took off (just let them expire!). The game involved being dealt 3 cards and then making one of them your 'key card' after the flop... giving you 2 sets of 2 hole cards to play with. A great idea, though I never saw it gain the traction it deserved and not even sure if it still runs today.
Full Tilt Poker Rush
Rush was the biggest and best innovation to come out of online poker in many years. As soon as you fold one hand you are instantly in another with players from the same 'pool' as you. Have to admit that I was a bit of a Rush PLO addict and would fire up a couple of tables of this to 'relax'. If FTP do not make it back then whoever licenses this software will make a killing! There now one variation which works along the same lines – though the site is very small at the moment it is starting to pick up a little momentum, it is called 'Speed Poker' and you can find out more via my Terminal Poker Review page at SNG Planet.
Knockout Bounty Tournaments
These are available on so many sites and formats now that they have become part of the mainstream. Only a few years ago bounties were restricted to specific prizes for knocking out pros, not a cash for every player eliminated. Again it was Full Tilt who really made this format popular, though Pokerstars and most of the other major sites now have some form of this game. I love the psychology of hands where someone is all-in with only a few chips... an excellent and often overlooked innovation.
Hellkat SNGs
Timed SNG tournaments... hang on a minute, these games from Party Poker were based on stack sizes after a certain time – just goes to show that there is not much original after all.
Hyper Turbo
There might have been the occasional gambling game based around being all-in a lot before, however it is only really the last few years which have seen a huge amount of Hyper-Turbo activity. These games contain some skill, if push-fold charts and the ability to mass multi table are considered skill... the real winners are the rooms themselves and bonus / rakeback / points chasers who can get massive volume in!
Double-Up / Fifty50 Games
We only have to go back a few years and the double or nothing SNGs were not there at all, now there are all sorts of variations available. Again volume and ease of multi-tabling make these appealing to grinders... whether they really did anything positive for the world of online poker, meh, I don't think so!
Deep / Shallow / Min Buy-in Cash Games
Ending with a positive, the cash games have gotten better choices – particularly when it comes to avoiding short-stackers, which at one point looked like they were going to become a permanent menace to those trying to make the most of their skills. Not that I have anything against short-stackers, they are / were simply exploiting an open opportunity to make cash. We are now able to choose tables with 50bb or 100bb minimum buy-ins – or go shallow if this is preferred. The cap limit tables at the late FTP were different again, with the max you could bet on any single hand restricted to a single buy-in.
Probably loads more... will leave those for another post.
For lots of news on promos, new games and all that good stuff covering the main poker networks, you can check out my news site: GONE!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Updating My German Material

One thing I have learned since closing the office and becoming a one-man-band kind of affiliate is that it is hard to keep up! I’m not just talking about having a large number of sites either, the complication is a large number of sites in different languages.

So, this week will be ‘project catch up’ for me and I already got a small headstart with the German version of SNG Planet yesterday… you can see the results from the homepage here” (I will not list all of the URLs, since you can find most of them from the homepage anyway)

Here are some of the key updates done, and a few to be done:

- Best Site for SNGs. The old version had too many choices and included Full Tilt in a few spots. Now only 3 categories to choose from (recreational, new and pros) and 2 choices for each. Hard to get away from Stars these days, with their huge volume… however there are a couple of nice alternatives.

- Poker Edge Review: Is this software fair? Well, some of the major networks are trying to ban it for sure – apparently without much success at the moment. The ‘crime’ this powerful HUD is committing is to pool player data – so you get huge samples of hands on opponents you have never played before…. You can check out the Poker Edge website for more.

- Best Beginners Tournaments: This was not just out of date, it was an embarrassment! Full Tilt is one thing – but Absolute Poker – UGH!! Anyway, most of the tournaments changed around to come up to date… with only the old favorite 180s and $3+R’s staying in the list.

- New To Satellites Guide: This was a translation from the English, It came about to fill a gap which ‘assumed’ all players knew about poker satellites and how they worked… Of course, new players do not know much about these – and need a straightforward article to explain the basics.

- 18 Player SNG Strategy, another translation from a pretty good English article… even if I do say so myself! 18-mans as they are know are getting more and more popular.

Still have several to go… including updates of some of the ‘mains’ and sub-main pages – like I said in the intro this week will focus on clearing the backlog of language articles to go up… Of course, while I am doing this I am sure to find many more which need to be re-written / added, ah well!

GL at the tables, Mark

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lots Of SNG P Updates (Newsletter)

I send out a monthly newsletter to SNG Planet readers these days who have subscribed to one of my free courses (the $16 Per Hour SNG Blueprint being the latest). Instead of writing about updates here I will - for this month only - just copy and paste the newsletter I sent out for September 2011. Lots of updates included!

If you'd like future updates then get on over to SNG Planet and join the course today!

SNG Planet News September 2011


Just got back from a well earned vacation and realized I have loads to share in this month’s newsletter for both US and Non-US readers.

This includes a major update of my ‘US Sites’ reviews, info and pages, a great token offer at Titan Poker and news of a new poker game which anyone who misses Rush Poker will love!

Before I start all that a sneak preview exclusive to newsletter readers… I have started work on a 5th part to the $16 per hour SNG Blueprint. This will be different from the first 4 and will go through individual hands and bubble situations – going through both the math and the situational factors… I expect this to be ready in about a month’s time, and will let you all know how you can get a copy!

Right, enough previews – here are some of the great updates over on the main site.

First up, a long overdue update of my ‘US friendly sites’ pages. I’ll admit to waiting for Merge (Carbon) to come back and will now have to update the site again when they do… oh well, all in a days work for a poker webmaster. Updates include a new main page with status updates, news and links + reviews for the main sites and game specific articles. If the new breed of subscription sites start looking good they will be included later.

Here is the main article:

Next, for players outside of the US, a smaller site is offering a game called ‘Speed Poker’ which works on the same principles as Rush Poker – pooling players. This is small at the moment, I loved the game and have a feeling that it could take off... which is a great reason to get good at it now! Anyway, check out my review and then use bonus code SNGPLANET for your 200% welcome while you check it out!

Strategy-wise, I completely re-wrote my 45 player SNG strategy article this month. Was quite pleased with the result. In addition I added an article on Game Theory at the SNG bubble which analyzes how ‘schooling’ of several non ICM-savvy opponents might affect your returns.

Finally (and a little late to let you all know), another great token offer from Titan Poker between now and the end of the month. This is on top of the $20 cash and 200% match I already offer and is a $10+75c token for a SNG satellite for the $200k guaranteed Sunday Major there. Details via the link below – you’ll need to play the SNG in September though you can use any tokens you win later.

That’s all for this month – hope to see you back at SNG Planet soon!

GL at the tables, Mark

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Started Coverage Of 2 New Sites

It has actually been a long while since I covered a new poker site. With the top 6 or 7 being a head-and-shoulders above the rest it always confused me a little as to why so many poker sites wasted perfectly good strategy content with an advert for some tiny site with 4 players which nobody had ever heard of.

Well, I actually found a small site with relatively few players and decided after just half an hour at the tables that I needed to promote them!

Why?? (I hear you all cry in unison!).

They have a game which is more or less the equivalent of Rush Poker, that’s why! The site is called Terminal Poker (I have a detailed Terminal Poker Review already up at SNG Planet, so will not repeat all the details here).

What they offer is called ‘Speed Poker’, this is a pooled player game where you move to a new table as soon as you fold one hand you are re-combined with players from your pool and start another one!

Cash games come in Holdem and PLO format, this is a new site so there are not yet huge numbers of players. Tournaments are currently free, with real money prizes and I am hoping to see some paid ones come in once there are a decent number of players at the tables.

Key here (back to my old blogging thought process again!) is that this site could actually become very popular indeed. Step back for a moment and think about how getting good at a game while it is new and then riding the wave of new players as the site takes off could do for you!! If you are thinking profits, then we are on the same wavelength.

You can claim a great 200% bonus to start you off with my bonus code SNGPLANET. Click this link to check out Terminal Poker – you’ll be glad you did!

New Site #2 – William Hill

I started covering a new site on the iPoker Network too in the form of William Hill. This decision was / is a little more complex, since I am actually quite happy to work with Titan Poker… unlike some affiliates I have a great relationship with them and am reasonably happy with their performance.

The reason is one of branding / advertising. I can and do push Titan on some sites, the games are soft and the promos decent. However, since they do not market their brand on the TV / Web much (other than through affiliates) this is a somewhat harder sell than a brand people already know… if you like I need to introduce the site, sell it, then get the player to join.

My thinking was that sites whose brand is already known are generally an easier proposition. Add to this the fact that I target a lot of beginner level players (deliberately as this side of the market is not as saturated as the ‘experts’ part which every affiliate and his dog have covered!) then I’d like to be able to offer a brand that they know already.

Anyway, I’m going to introduce them gently and will not give them ‘top spots’ until we see some results and can make an objective measurement against the other sites. Always good to have some competition in place though – maybe for when we get to haggle over rates next with the sites I’ll be in a stronger position!

Here is the link for more: William Hill Poker Detailed Review. (note, I also have a SNG Specific review, linked from the main one, and am about to get the same reviews up in Hungarian and Russian!)

GL at the tables, Mark

Started Coverage Of 2 New Sites

Friday, August 26, 2011

My Complex Relationship With Poker

Since this blog was retired from normal service a few years ago, I have been using it for the occasional update on what I’m doing projects-wise. Today I have a different post to make – almost a personal therapy through writing idea…

My relationship with online poker is actually very complex. My regular blog these days is the SNG Planet Blog, and it is not really the right audience for this kind of a post… I like to stay positive and factual there, introducing ideas, talking business and so on.

Here is the rub.

If it was not for my network of sites / writing I would have pretty much given up on poker back in 2007.

Being involved in the business for so long I can even map out my start to finish curve and see how typical it would have been. Donking around with money I could afford to lose and had no problem with losing to start… discovering that there was strategy to learn and that I could beat the games by using it… getting a huge rush of enthusiasm and learning as much as possible, grinding myself a bankroll… kind of getting tired of the grind and trying different forms of the game… only playing now and again… losing the passion to learn / improve… playing less… and less…. and less….

Yep, the whole thing would have taken me around 2 years – I would have quit long ago, well, maybe playing once or twice a month when I was bored!

Instead I started writing for others, discovered a skill in explaining things, set up the Planet Corp network of sites and have been tied into poker ever since.

You can not write honest articles about games you do not play – so I continued playing. Not massive volume, just enough to keep involved in the game. Players are sharper these days – they know if you do not know your subject!

My relationship with the game goes deeper than that.

People, poker players – how do I put this without sounding down on the whole thing… there is just so much damn HATE in the game these days, compared to the mid 2000’s for sure…

Wherever you look there is hate, posturing, ego and snide comments – you can not play online without seeing it, you can not read forums without swimming in it…

Don’t get me wrong, the majority of the people who play are fine people who enjoy the game in a range of contexts from pro through to strictly for fun. I’m also big and ugly enough to look after myself – I’ll have a row if you want one, though do not let individual acts of hate affect me… it’s the cumulative picture that is my problem.

The percentage of haters, is probably only 15% to 20% (pure guess), yet this is enough to make poker a thoroughly unpleasant experience. It is rarely even the successful players who are the main antagonists… kids who did not excel in sports finally have something to be big about, henpecked husbands releasing their anger on the online community, fools who get belittled by their bosses all day getting back at the world by belittling novice players at the tables… and so on.

Back to me.

I only play because I enjoy writing, I enjoy running my network of sites and enjoy the independence of working for myself (oh yeah, and the money!).

This acts as a magnifying glass for me – making the troubles of the game seem big and ugly. Whereas some people can ignore I often think to myself how pleasant life will be when I get to turn away from all that hate, all that ill-will. Guess because I feel tied in to a game I would not otherwise have much (if anything) to do with anymore the downside appears bigger than it should!

Then the rip-offs come into it.

I will not go into it here, you all know the AP / UB and Full Tilt problems by now – these are not the only ones… just the biggest. They have and continue to cost me a lot of money.

Players come and go, they have a ‘half-life’ of around 6-months in my experience, here, I’ll map it out based on 100 players who start today:

- 6 months time, 50 are still playing
- 12 months, 25
- 18 months 13 (I’ll round up to be generous!)
- 24 months 7 (I would have been here… the 7% who make enough to keep going, learn the game and then can not be bothered any more!)
- 30 months 4
- 36 months 2
- 42 months 1

Works for me… only 1% will still be playing in 3.5 years time… most go broke and lose interest… a few become rakeback grinders after year 2 then quick after a soul destroying year of grinding kills their passion for the game. Sure you will probably know a good few people who have been involved for longer – they are a self selecting group though, the players keen or successful enough to become known are rarely in the first 3 levels of drop out!

Anyway, enough said for one post. I respect the game in my own way, still enjoy those (very) occasional final tables, working out how to adjust to beat the different games… and I am also proud of my sites, which are aimed mostly at the ‘first 18 month’ players of course.

It is just, well, my relationship with poker is complex… I really should have quit the game and moved on 4 years ago! Note to self… get that network of sites sold, and within a year…

Thanks for listening – I feel better!

GL at the tables, Mark

Monday, August 01, 2011

Another Planet Revamp!

Time for one of my occasional forays back here to the place where my poker network started. I am working hard at the moment... trying to absorb the hit that black friday, and then the closure of Full Tilt caused my business.

After keeping my patience for a month waiting to see if FTP would re-open I have now started to remove them from my site. This is easier said than done... how about 1300+ articles in 7 languages including a mix of mentions and full-on features!

Anyway, this actually turned into a postive in a lot of ways. There are a lot of articles which, rather than completely out of date, were getting a little tired. One I just did this morning (2 hours!) was the aritcle on the best beginners poker tournaments - a new top 10 required without Full Tilt and UB, and also many of the tournaments I had listed have changed over the time (for example there was no Titan Poker $5r in that slot any more). Also changed the tone a little bit. It seemed as if some of the tournaments would be better suited for 'Learners' yet complete beginners were the main audience... for this reason I included the lucky dollar games at Party which are only open to players in their first 7 days. Wondering how many more of my articles fall into this trap... do I incorrectly assume that everyone who lands on my poker satellites sub-main actually knows what a poker satellite is and how it works... maybe, going to have to think about that one.

It is not only the articles which are having a revamp at the moment, I am going through the main pages too. Again, there are all those languages to cover... the homepage is done, the SNG main page is done and the plan from here is to use the template from the SNG main to do the tournaments one... lots of traffic coming from Russia these days, so this will be next on the list.

Future plans, well this month could well be German month! With so many German players at the tables these days there is a big opportunity to get my site up to date in this language and see if I can drive a little more in the way of visitors... we will see.

I'm still plugging away on the Cool Casinos Club ( ) , adding new game reviews and tidying up pages... still not much in the way of traction there.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a quick update and I already waffled on - so for now it is my usual - Good Luck at the tables, Mark

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

US Poker Temporatily Dead + Other Updates

Time for another of my intermittent posts back here at Plan3t Gong. Since I am not doing my main day-to-day (well, few times a week) blogging over at the SNG Planet blog - this is more an occasional overview of the wider themes in the world of poker, specifically some of my current focus areas - and links to anything interesting enough to be linked to.

This month, the key theme is that the US is effectively shut out of online poker now... sure a couple of rooms still take players, however I am not going to recommend them any more - I would not feel safe having my money on Cake or Bodog at this time, and so I can not info on any websites which recommends readers do this. I'm sure that legislation is in the pipeline, what the result looks like is anyones guess, as well as when things get implemented.

So, I'm focusing globally at the moment, on European Poker Networks and on Russia too - where I am just in the process of starting a training site - hopefully the start of something which will be the Ru equivalent of PxF or Cardrunners a year or two down the line!

One thing that did happen after black friday was a big esclation in the competition between the non-US networks to portray themselves as the safe-haven for players... Party have a lot of history and a decent brand name to pull this one off... however I liked the aggressive way that Titan Poker went about this, offering a huge 200% to $1000 bonus and coming up with some cool new promos including their tournament sale, SNG Heat and $1 World Series 2011 satellites
too... not bad, I still rate Titan highly after all these years - see my main Titan Poker Review Titan Poker Review for a whole bunch of reasons why!

Other projects include a new course aimed at US players - called Live Poker Gold, this should be ready shortly - I'll do a separate post about this so as not to make this one too long and convoluted.

After that my Casino site is in line for a big revamp... it has actually been a source of frustration for me that this one is not doing better. Frustration on its own gets me nowhere of course - so I have a plan to get this one in order, including a more global focus, longer and more informative pages and a brush-up of some of the graphics too. You can find it at GONE!

Thats all for the moment - best of luck at the tables and I'll be back to announce the live course at the start of next week.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Planet Corp Update Post "Black Friday'

Big changes since the last update here, I am not going to describe the DoJ indictment of 16th April in this post, since everyone affected already has a million sources of news, views and opinions... instead I'm going to let you know where to find useful articles from around my network of sites. At this point in time there is no easy answer, the best we can hope for is that some kind of leglislation in the US will allow people to play again in the not too distant future. I share the anger and frustration of the many ordinary players affected, at the same time I need to get on with producing articles and quality information for my (growing!) global readership.

First up, I have put together two separate guides for SNG Planet, the first looks at 'Black Friday' from a US players perspective, outlining the choices of site which are still open. The second is from the non-US players perspective... since many people are rightly nervous about playing at Stars and Full Tilt Poker while there are questions about money. Here are the links:

Elsewhere at SNG Planet the big upcoming theme is this year's World Series Of Poker satellites, I expect a marked effect on number of participants in the 2011 Main event without US players being able to get involved in the qualifiers, however there should still be 1000's involved and millions ($5 million+??) for the winner... and yes, I do expect the satellite qualifiers at Full Tilt and Stars to be softer without the US players involvement (since the US were more skewed towards serious players and pros, as many casual players already thought that poker was illegal).

Anyway, here is the main WSOP page: WSOP Satellite Qualifiers

Elsewhere on the network we are working on videos for the Russian version of SNG P and have some new material at Omaha Planet. I am slowly getting through the list of sites with refreshes and updates, as you can imagine this is a long list and a lot of updates for each one. For example Rakeback-Planet (with the dash) was heavily promoting Full Tilt rakeback and now has to quickly switch to Carbon Poker!

On the casino side there are more plans than actions, I am going to be working on this side of things a little more this week in fact - after the first 10 days post-break were taken up entirely with bringing the poker sites up to date with the latest changes. I think it is time that the Cool Casinos Club had a redesign, something to give a better first impression, anyway here is the current version - ideas welcome!!

Thats about it for the moment - I'm blogging more regularly at the SNG Planet blog these days, though I'll pop back here and give an update of the latest and greatest now and again!

Gl at the tables, Mark

Monday, February 21, 2011

Latest News From The Planet Corporation

Progress with the network of Planet Corp sites has been a little disrupted lately, for a good reason. I only returned 10 days ago from a month enjoying many of the islands and beaches of Thailand. While I intended to work ‘on the road’ this did not work out in the end and I ended up taking a well deserved break.

Of course, now I am back in the office there is a new level of intensity – all of the main tasks to get the sites back up to date are now completed. Next job is to move forward with some new projects… this post will detail some of them.

First up a new Hungarian site, covering online blackjack. This is a relatively small one, though we have tried hard to make it good quality – covering blackjack strategy, reviews and tips. You can see the result here:

Several changes in the structures of games available at the biggest sites happened while we were away. The main ones were Full Tilt’s Multi Entry Tournaments, Multi Entry Tournaments and the Fifty 50 SNG Fifty 50 SNG games at Pokerstars which are replacing the Double or nothing SNGs (these will be around until the 28th Feb and then closed). I put up articles covering not only how these games work, but some strategy ideas too at SNG Planet, we also have these in Russian, with Hungarian versions due early this week.

Ah yes, back to Hungarian, I have the $16 per hour SNG formula ready in for our Magyar readers… just a matter of getting the preview page done and the e-mails translated over now, will probably release that one in the Morning (Tues 22nd). You can see this over on the SNG Planet main page via the Hungarian flag in the top right corner.

Upcoming are the Mini-FTOPs and of course the WSOP 2011 Satellite Qualifiers will be on to us before we know it. Party Poker were the first this time with $14,000 packages and ultra-soft fields making this an attractive choice for non-US readers. I will resurrect the World Series page at SNG Planet, however my poker news type site will keep a regular track on the offers of all of the sites / networks. You can see this at: Best Poker Networks

This week we will be working on a few projects – top priority is an ugly old dog of a site which needs fixing… Poker Bonus Club Russia… which reminds me, I’d best get cracking.

Will be back for another Planet Corp update in a few weeks!

GL at the tables, Mark