Friday, December 17, 2010

Whats Happing Across The Planet Network??

Well, most of you will already know that I now do my blogging over at SNG Planet. However, thanks to a huge backlog of poker strategy and other ramblings... Plan3t Gong does still get a number of visitors which would probably put owners of - shall we say 'thinner' - poker sites to shame! With that in mind I have come over for one of my irregular updates on the highlights from my poker site network... since it is snowing outside I'll get a little festive and name this as:

5 Poker Distractions From All That Xmas Shopping

Come on, we all know xmas eve is a fine time to do your shopping... plenty of time to play some online poker before then.

1) My first idea is that life would be great if you had a spare $50k to spend this holiday season... a new car, fantastic TV, latest games and music... the possibilities are endless. Well one way of getting the cash is to win 6 of the Jackpot Sit And Go Tournaments in a row over at Titan Poker... these games attract a lot of recreational players and are great for building a profit, with 4 levels of jackpot you never know when you'll be in for a big xmas boost.

2) Fine tune you play with some approved poker tools. There are now huge numbers of tools which can be used to improve your profits, some of these are considered to be cheating by the poker sites. Our latest revamped site - Fairest Poker Sites - contains a list of the approved tools, in addition to unique reviews focusing on the RNGs and banking fairness of the biggest online poker sites.

3) You could write for SNG Planet! Yes, we are currently on the look out for writers for an irregular 'view from the tables' column. All the details over on the SNG Planet blog.

4) Satellite into one of the biggest Sunday Poker Tournaments, we just put up a great new section listing some tournament schedules for small stakes and higher stakes players, going through the Sunday majors for US and European players and even focusing on smaller stakes big prize tournaments. Whether it is the Sunday Million or a $3rebuy - you have to be in it to win it (or something equally as corny)

5) Grab $8 Completely Free at Poker... this one runs until the end of December, sign-up and you will get a free $8 to play with... non-US / over-18 are the only restrictions, though you need to play through 20 times to withdraw... not that hard in poker. One tournament win and your freebee could easily turn into a decent poker bankroll.

Ah well, enjoyed this format - I'll come back over in early Jan and do 5 more for the new year!

Gl at the tables, Mark