Friday, September 10, 2010

Latest Interesting Articles Across My Network Of Sites

Quite a few updates to tell you about - I do announce these in my new blog at SNG Planet as they are completed... since the interweb is such a big place I am also doing occasional summary posts here, after all, the more people who find the articles useful the better.

First up is actually the very latest - Carbon Poker have released a new version of their software for final beta testing... I reviewed it and gave info on a very special sign-up bonus offers for testers over at my SNG P blog - you can read it here: Carbon Poker New Software

Next a couple of changes at Omaha Planet, I have the e-book about transitioning from Holdem to Omaha a good brush up, we also put an advert box in your face for first time visitors... this is an experiment to see how many people sign-up for the eBook compared with how many hit the back button, so far so good. The book is called 'Tune In, Bet Pot, Cash Out' and is aimed at beginner+ players making the switch... you can read it at

Finally, another guide - this time to the 90 player Knockout SNGs at Full Tilt Poker, this is a detailed eBook format... I'm not giving it freely though - this will go to those players who have completed the $16 Per Hour SNG Blueprint as a 'special'. You can get on the Blueprint course - which takes beginner to intermediate players to the $16 per hour profit level within 4 weeks, over at

Thats all the updates for now - I'm working on an 'Ultimate Guide' at the moment, you'll need to keep an eye on SNG Planet to find out what it is!!

GL at the tables, Mark