Saturday, July 24, 2010

$16 Per Hour SNG Blueprint... Now Ready

Hey, my new course is ready!

Called this the '$16 Per Hour SNG Blueprint' and as the name suggests the idea is to take novice poker players and empower them to earn at least $16 each hour from the tables.

This course lasts 30 days and is in 4 parts, each building on the one before. We start with 'The Blueprint' which outlines the basic strategy stage-by-stage. Next I teach bubble play in terms of prize pool equity (ICM etc), before the 3rd part gets readers up to speed multi-tabling. Finally I bring it all together with the 'profit booster' which contains some killer tips on improving returns from SNGs... and gets you over the 'hump' and into the bigger winnings!

Click Here For The Preview And Join Page At SNG Planet

Would be great to see as many readers as possible join me on the course... and of course, your feedback is valued and always welcome.

GL at the tables, Mark

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