Saturday, July 24, 2010

$16 Per Hour SNG Blueprint... Now Ready

Hey, my new course is ready!

Called this the '$16 Per Hour SNG Blueprint' and as the name suggests the idea is to take novice poker players and empower them to earn at least $16 each hour from the tables.

This course lasts 30 days and is in 4 parts, each building on the one before. We start with 'The Blueprint' which outlines the basic strategy stage-by-stage. Next I teach bubble play in terms of prize pool equity (ICM etc), before the 3rd part gets readers up to speed multi-tabling. Finally I bring it all together with the 'profit booster' which contains some killer tips on improving returns from SNGs... and gets you over the 'hump' and into the bigger winnings!

Click Here For The Preview And Join Page At SNG Planet

Would be great to see as many readers as possible join me on the course... and of course, your feedback is valued and always welcome.

GL at the tables, Mark

Friday, July 09, 2010

New SNG Course Almost Completed!

Quick Planet Corp Update here today... I'm a good 80% through completing a fantastic (in my opinion!) new course, this is called the $16 / Hour SNG blueprint and is actually in 4 parts, going from the basics to bubble play then multi-tabling and finally bringing it all together with some killer strategy tips.

The thing is, having worked in the poker industry for a good few years now, I'm paranoid that the scummy low life out there will re-publish the course, which is currently in pdf format. So, I'm making sure that Google etc know that the work is already published before we go live (aiming for next Thursday) by offering parts of the book for republication - as long as a notice of 'express permission' is given with it that plugs my site... if you have a blog or website and would like to have some high quality material for your readers then let me know.

For now here is my preview page and the 'where we will be in 30 days from now' page - just to give readers a little taster!


Chapter #1 – 30 Days From Now – Where Will You Be After Completing This Course.

With the skills and knowledge to earn an average of $16 per hour (or more!) from the tables your bankroll could be starting to grow very fat indeed after completing this course. Let us be more specific, by way of introducing the main concepts.

I expect that the average player will be logging on to their chosen poker site, firing up 6 to 8+ turbo SNG tournaments, following our guidelines to avoid having too many multi-tabling opponents. They will be making fairly ‘automatic’ decisions in most cases, based on a clearly defined strategy specifically designed to reduce difficult spots without leaving too much ‘value’ on the table.

Our player will be cashing and winning at a rate which sees their bankroll move up and up and up with more games played. Busting out will not be a problem, you’ll simply fire up more games – waiting for the bubble where you now have the skills and knowledge to take advantage of your opponents again and again.

In 30 days you will have the tools to grow your poker bankroll at will. Whether your objective is to move to the high-stakes tournaments, transition to cash games or even just to generate some useful extra money for non-poker uses – you’ll always have the ability to come back for more.

We have broken the skills into 4 separate focus areas:

Part #1 – The SNG Blueprint: This part of the course will give you the ‘big view’, showing you how SNGs can mean big profits and giving you a new perspective which will quickly boost your profits, along with strategy and profit-making advice and insights which we will build on as the course progresses.

Part #2 - Becoming A Bubble Ninja: This part will arrive in 1 week, it will break down the bubble of a 1-table SNG tournament like you have never seen before. By the end of this section you will know exactly what mistakes your opponents are making at the bubble, and possess an effective counter-strategy for each one.

Part #3 – Turn Up The Volume: Next we will teach you how to gradually increase the number of games you are playing – while maintaining that profitable edge. You will be amazed how quickly playing 6 or more games can become as simple a routine as playing just 2!

Part #4 – SNG Profit Booster: In many ways this is the most important part of the course, arriving a week after Part #3. While we would love to share the insights and advanced strategy tips with you earlier – they become even more valuable after you have a solid grasp of the principles from the earlier sections.

If you are prepared to put in effort to learn the key concepts then read on, mastering SNG tournaments is easier than many people think!

You will find the course over at of course (English only from Thursday, though we will have it translated into DE, RU and HU shortly!)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Time For A Graceful Retirement!

*** Another Update *** Bringing this blog back to life... not so much covering my own games anymore (see link below)... providing industry insights, links to interesting articles and highlighting any interesting blogs out there instead... ***

*** Quick Update: I started a new blog - it is part of my main site Sit N Go Planet, and continues right where Plan3t Gong left off.... check out the Sit N Go Planet Blog now! ***

An announcement - I have decided the time has come to let Plan3t Gong gracefully retire.

Over the last few years it has been a pleasure, no - an honour, to have provided 100's of posts with the theme of 'making you think' about poker in all its wonderful forms. However, life moves on, and rather than allow my passion for this blog to dwindle into nothingness or simply abandoning posting altogether I would prefer to draw a definite line, say a 'big thanks' to the readers who made the whole thing possible and then move on...

Good news - I'll continue to blog, Melted Felt is my poker news satire blog and that will be updated regularly. Also considering a more personal non-business blog too (we will see). I'll also continue to write tons of poker strategy articles... these now go on my 'Planet' network (see adverts on the right --> )

Finally, it seemed a shame to waste so many strategy / thought provoking pieces... so I have make a 'super sticky' with links to as many as possible (sticky also linked on right). Updates will continue below when I have a new business venture to announce.

Thanks very much to everyone, as I say it has been a genuine honour to have been read (and hopefully enjoyed!) by so many of you...

GL at the tables, Mark

Quick PS: I'm still passing on any interesting poker links / news and blog posts via Twitter.... will follow you back if you don't tweet junk! You can find me at