Monday, August 10, 2009

Planet Network Expands Again (Not Strategy)

Just a quick post to inform the search engines that my network continues to grow, the latest additions are:

- a Hungarian rakeback-focused site providing reviews, a beginners rakeback guide and our SNG rakeback calc (along with a Texas Holdem one), this site also features some VIP loyalty deals which are too good to be called 'Rakeback' !!

- this one is Russian, again the rakeback side is the focus, and agfain the best articles are available along with reviews and widgets. My focus here is that it is more important to get people on the right deal (for the long term), than just a big percentage. Hopefully this is reflected in the quality of the sites.

- not a new site, but has had a complete renovation, looks 100% better IMO and we also added a bunch of new articles and simplified the navigation. In fact we were so pleased with the results of this one that it kicked off a desire to completely renovate SNG Planet next (Sept by the time we finish that one... big job!).

Oh, just a FYI - we are having SNG Planet translated into both French and German at the moment (can not wait!!)