Thursday, June 04, 2009

Start Of Month Business Update - Plans Plans Plans!

After the previous more thoughful post here is a more normal one - about my plans for the month ahead for Planet Corp and the ever growing list of sites in our portfolio. As usual I'll go through site-by-site, not going to link out from the article to any of these... but if you are interested there are adverts on the top of the right hand side-bar.

Sit And Go Planet: Well, the Polish version is basically complete, the Romanian is undergoing a nice revamp and we will continue to add some great content (have some top stuff ready on my computer but will ration it through the month). Going to pause a little in June to make sure we are maximising visitors experience (less bounces, more pageviews, more return visitors etc) as well as catching and converting those fleeting visitors looking for specifics. We are planning to take June off from new translations - will start looking for a German translator here in Budapest in the 2nd half of the month with the aim of getting this up by September.

Omaha Planet: My favorite bugbear, growing visitors + revenues... until now was never sure of what to do with this site. Now a plan at last - we are going to focus it on rakeback - as well as a major revamp during June. The thought process is this: People looking for Omaha info are already somewhat experienced (on average at least), experienced poker players are not likely to be signing up without rakeback - especially those who play reasonable volume / value. Makes sense right! This will be a big job and ties into the one below... again some great content to add, and the long-promised e-book (about transitioning from NLHE to PLO) is now in outline form.

Rakeback-Planet: (with the dash!). Redesign actually underway while I type, the big announcement is a move of back-end, hopefully by the start of next week. Previous provider was ok but their CS seemed more interested in closing tickets as fast as humanly possible, rather than thinking about actually helping the customers or adding any value - and PAS (who we are moving to) have a great reputation for service. The back end of the previous provider was my other concern, my 'deals' page still showed offers that were closed months ago... anyway, this should be a real boost and I will tie it in with more content too. Even better we already have Hungarian and Russian versions translated - so as soon as the English one is up we will create these (on their own domains) before transitioning Omaha Planet to this provider last.

Melted-Felt: Really enjoying this one - I'll keep writing those pieces as long as visitors keep coming to read them.

Durrrr Challenge Blog: Bored with this one, oh well, will keep it up now I have started. Might have to start paying its way with the odd link to my other sites though.

PB Klubs: We now have 4 separate bonus portals, in Hungarian, Russian, Polish and Romanian, growing now, with 35ish pages each. We will add some more content and tidy up the reviews on all of these this month... no major plans though (mind you, thinking about it maybe I should get another one done - Slovakian or Slovenian would fit the bill!), oh and increasing visibility for would be good too.

Killer-Holdem: No big plans, needs a tidy up (couple of out of date reviews etc), since we do not have an English 'PB Klub' we use any content created for that network on this site - so could potentially get bigger.

Plan3t Gong: Will continue with its stay of execution, when I get the time and motivation I will 'retire' this blog and start a business / personal one instead. There is a ton of strategy buried here, what I was thinking was to dig some up (well, after all statistcally speaking 85% of those who read it 2 years ago will have moved on from poker by now!). In fact the next post will be the first in a 'Classic Plan3t Gong' series!

Well, thats the plans ahead, we are hoping to make the next interim milestone in terms of players this month. Have a ton of ideas just waiting for the money to invest in them, and will want to be hiring a German speaker for the office here by the end of August to bring the total up to 5 - we will see!

Gl at the tables, Mark

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