Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The PG Online Poker Strategy Super Jump-Off Page

OK - As will shortly be explained in a sticky post at the top of Plan3t Gong this is the Online Poker Strategy super jump-off! This will contain links to many of the articles posted here over the last 3 years - and many of the links to good outside resources too.

This will take a little while to fully update, and will work in categories. If anyone would like to see my current writing on SNG, MTT, Omaha, Satellite and Rakeback (and more) then check the square adverts towards the top right.

We can start with posts which were deliberately put into series - with their own jump-off pages:

Series #1) 10 Post Series On How To Increase Your Profits By 63% By Making Incremental Small Improvements..... Improve Your Poker Profits Idea was that just a 5% improvement in 10 different areas + the wonder of compounding + the wonder of rakeback = $$$$

Series #2) Articles Covering Annette_15... all quiet on that front at the time of writing, but I'm sure we have not heard the last. Updated versions of these articles are available at SNG Planet, but here is a small sticky with the originals: Annette_15 Strategy Annette_15 Strategy

Series #3) PLO Strategy... well, not so much a series as a collection: This smaller collection were my initial musings on PLO, which eventually morphed into the biggest and best Omaha resource online in the shape of Omaha Planet... I'm sure there are more than this, will look for them and add them to this sticky: PLO Strategy

Series #4) The Big One - SNG Strategy: While I played poker regularly the majority of this was SNGs - when PG started it was 'just another poker blog from a SNG fan' until I accidentially found that I enjoyed writing about the strategy.... anyway, this sticky is incomplete too - will make an effort to grab the URLs of all of the SNG posts soon: SNG Strategy Sticky

Going to publish this post now before completion - Double or Nothings, Draw Poker, Psychology, and External Links to be added as separate stickies, followed by a '20 posts which have stood the test of time' (which will take me a little while to pick from the 600+ posts here, but hey!)

See you soon!


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