Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Welcome Break Over...

Had a fantastic long weekend with my Mother over to visit, was a good pychological break too with no thinking about poker and only a little thinking about the poker business. Caught the sun, 31 degrees C here in the city... oh and drank - a lot.

So, looking down the barrel of another hectic week and looking forward to getting stuck in. Have a couple of posts on poker psychology in mind for this blog. One concerns mimicry and using an opponent's observed betting patterns to shape their perception of your hand. The second is to do with 'cognitive bias' which is the phenominon by which we re-invent our own pasts to 'gel' with our self-image, belief structures and attitidues.

On the work front we are going to get the ball rolling on moving rakeback provider, start our 'tournament spotlight' theme, redesign a couple of front pages, put some new material for both OnGame and iPoker sites and generally create some world-class content which we can be proud of hosting on our network (ads at the top of the right hand column if you are a first time reader here!).

Best get on with it, not used to 4 days away from business and will have to tune back in!

GL at the tables, Mark

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