Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SNG Planet Polish Is Here!

Always makes me jump out of bed early in the morning when we have a new site up (i know i know)... anyway - happy to be announcing the latest version of SNG Planet today, well 70% of it at least. We have gone live with:

PL Poker Tournaments

In one fell swoop the biggest collection of SNG articles in Polish... + tons of beginners MTT articles, reviews and comparisons - there are more on the way, we plan on completing the Satellites section by the end of the month too... should be 110 pages soon (bigger than a lot of people's entire sites!).

There are flags at the top of the screen for English, Russian, Hungarian and Romanian as well as the new Polish version... next plan is German, though we are going to pause for a little while first to consolidate and create some other sites. Will let you know here at Plan3t Gong first.

Gl at the tables, Mark


Anonymous said...

You've spelt the link wrong, might need an 'o' in there somewhere :)

Mark said...

Hey, thanks v much for letting me know!