Monday, May 25, 2009

Poker Links Week At Planet Corp!

Starting 'Poker Links Week' today with some late-spring cleaning here at Plan3t Gong... and no less than 2 offers, one for for fellow poker bloggers to join my blogroll and the other for poker webmasters (or bloggers) that I'll supply some unique and high quality content.

First the blogroll here at Plan3t Gong... well, blogs come and blogs go as people's circumstances change - so we end up with a bunch of out of date blogs listed. So, today I'm going to remove any that have not been updated for 6 weeks (will keep a note and check back in a months time for updates!).

This will free up some space which I'd like to use to exchange with genuine bloggers out there - if you have a real blog (not just adverts / banners / reviews please, though I do understand bloggers deserve a little monetisation for their efforts!) then give me a shout, I'll be happy to link you up here and might even add a shout in a post too.

Secondly, content. This week I will be writing a bunch of additional content for my own sites - and also for other peoples! While I no longer write for money I'll be happy to do it in exchange for a link back to one of my quality sites. If you have a poker blog or site and would like strategy / reviews / bios or any other type of content then drop me a comment here ( all are manually verified and I will not publish contents which contain contact information).

Thats that for now... going to do the same at Melted Felt with the blogroll, though I prefer funny blogs to link to over there - may well update more about 'links week' as we go forward.

GL at the tables, Mark

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