Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Online Poker Chat Debate... Great Idea!

Browsing the hate-filled forum that is Pocket5's yesterday and came across an interesting thread with an excellent idea from mod Adam in it... the subject is the debate about chatting while playing online poker.

Pretty sure I have discussed my own thoughts on this before - basically that any chat is bad for your profits, whatever convoluted reasoning you come up with for it being positive. The linked thread actually suggests actively getting banned from chat as a good solution for those who can not stop themselves breating the fish....

But Adam came up with an even better idea, one that could actually be fun - especially after time has passed and you have moved on / up / away from your current game.

Here it is:

Just keep a Notepad window open and type all your rants there. Or if you want a good laugh at the end of the day, type it all into an email window and then send it all to yourself after you're done playing.

Genius huh? How much fun would it be to collect these together for a year and then go back through them.

Me? I'll just carry on saying nothing at all.

Here is the link:

GL at the tables, Mark


Game101 said...

haha that would be funny several months down the road. I always find that i loose my focus when chatting, whether its ranting or just friendly. So i just don't

BurnleyMik said...


thats a quality idea mate. I would probably be shamed of some of the things I say when angry tbh.

I might give it a try.