Friday, May 22, 2009

Online Poker Accounts Hacked... PokerStars Again Show Leadership

You are never far from a 'my online poker account was hacked and all money stolen' story on forums these days. Lets face it, to a hacker there is a ton of money to be made - even more than normal bank accounts in a lot of cases. What is more, poker players are often to stoned / careless to take security seriously until too late! logging on in internet cafes... public wifi spots... downloading from torrents while playing... you are probably gambling in more ways that you think,

Anyway - this is supposed to be a useful post as well as a thought-provoking one.

Going to state the obvious first. You should treat your online poker account security as strictly as you would your online banking. No public machines please, that poker can wait!

Second, Poker Stars have again shown some leadership with a very neat idea - anyone who takes security of their online account should check out their 'pin' system, which moves the numbers around each time on the keypad to prevent key / screen loggers... basically a 6 digit pin in addition to your password.

Here is a link to the instructions... if keying in a 6 digit pin when you log on is too much hassle for you then please do not come crying to me if your account gets hacked!

Poker Stars Security Pin

For those who want to go to the next level Stars are also offering an RSA security system via their VIP store... (6000 points I think) this is linked to your account and displays a 6 digit pin which changes every minute, you simply type it in when you log on.

Me? Well I do have some FPPs hanging around... but will stick with the standard pin from here.

GL at the tables, Mark

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