Monday, May 11, 2009

Hectic Week Ahead!

World record time... the number of consecutive Monday monrning posts here at Plan3t Gong which start 'going to be a busy week' (or something along those lines!). Well it is, both for our poker business and personally!

Personal first - I am receiving a royal visit starting Thursday night when my Mother and latest Step-dad arrive from the UK. Should be fun, we are already planning a trip down south to see Erika's family (not that they speak any English - but that is a minor issue).

Working wise we will be launching the latest translation of SNG Planet when the Polish Edition goes live. Once again this is pretty big news for me... we do not fuck around with these translations, talking 100 pages of quality strategy here - actually bigger than many people's entire sites.

Tons of other things to fit into a 4-day working week too including a SEO revamp of the Hungarian sites, some fairly large updates for Killer Holdem, a rakeback planet update and the usual ongoing activities with the other sites too... this week will also see us finalising plans made with the operators we met at the Conference in Amsterdam, this should involve some changes to the mix of rooms we are promoting but nothing that the casual visitor would particularly be aware of.

Not had too much time for poker at all this month, occasionally donking around for 30 minutes on the 8-game tables. Was momentarily tempted by the 'earn 7500, get 80k free' Poker Stars FPPs offer - and then remembered that I actually hate poker when playing for anything other than entertainment and the grind would have made me miserable very fast. Nope, knowing yourself is key in this kind of situation... and I know that fun (and the occasional profits!) has to be a big part of the game for me.

GL at the tables, Mark

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