Sunday, May 24, 2009

General Update - Psychobabble On Business And Playing!

Frustrated at the moment... the thing is I know that I should not be.

Business first, I measure my results in $$ and sign-ups of new players. There we go trundling happily along at xyz new players a day and *boom* we fall off the proverbial cliff for 5 days now, with xyz daily tops... aaaarrrggghhh (edited out the numbers, you don't really need to know ;O) )

Here is the rub, in my heart I know that short-term fluctuations are just part of the game, that in a couple of days time the sign-ups will bounce back. Yet the frustration stays, results in my constantly checking the sites (something that was a big time-waster early on until that bahaviour was 'unlearned'), in worrying whether something has happened that will doom us to failure... actually more irritated with myself for being irritated than anything else. Chill Mark, it is just a few days!

Actually played some poker this weekend for the first time in a while, those Multi-table tournaments are as brutal as ever! Going to have to be honest with myself and admit that my mindset is probably not right for MTT play, I know the drill with 'keep making the right decisions and the $$ will follow'.... but it just feels too brutal for me to really - no bad beat stories allowed here, but when you actually read someones hand so well that you know they are bluffing the turn - and they still get there, it becomes dis-heartening.

Hey, becoming a morose post - the thing is I actually won money overall, if only a little, with a 5th in a 20 / 180 - so it was not all bad, just mentally not for me.

Being honest with yourself is important in life and poker alike - I'll be keeping those MTTs to a mimimum from now on and mini-raising in PLO instead... as far as the business goes it is time to fight a good fight rather than let any short-term fluctuations get me down. Going to spend some time this afternoon on an article idea which will compare SNG leader-boards at the main sites, and tomorrow - well that is the start of what I have termed 'links week'.... tune in tomorrow for details!

GL at the tables, Mark

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