Monday, April 13, 2009

Working Weekend Update

Random update today... no plan, just going to blog!

Cars are on my mind at the moment - not actually had a car since I handed back the keys to my lovely big black Saab turbo go-faster monster when leaving IBM back at the start of '06... handing back the laptop / badge etc was a pleasure - the car still brings the odd sentimental sigh.

Anyway, not had one since, borrowed when visiting the UK, hired them on holiday and all that, but not owned one - especially since we live smack in the city centre here in Budapest where there is really not the need day-to-day. But alas, I have succumed to arguments that we can get away for more weekends, more often and enjoy this region better - and go to fvcking Ikea tons no doubt. So, going to be the reluctant owner of a car next weekend. Something along the lines of a 2005 / 2006 Polo or Punto by the sound of it... hey, I'm just the one spending the money - what has the choice of model / age got to do with me??

Not played too much (busy adding the Polish version of SNG Planet into Dreamweaver!) but did manage to bag a Step 4 ticket on Stars, these can be used for any of the $215 tournaments - plan is to save it for when I'm in the mood for a shot at the warm-up / million... or maybe a WSOP qualifier.

Speaking of WSOP qualifier I mailed Stars about this and they said the schedule would be up by the end of the 13th... thats today. With the SCOOP over the forum buzz should be World Series seat focused now.

Finally some good news, the latest recruitment project was a success and Planet Corp will soon be back to its full quota of 4.

GL at the tables - will be back with a less rambling post real soon!


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