Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Start Of Second Quarter - Poker Business Update

Well, the first thing to mention is that the separate business blog is still on the big list of things to do - will probably be a few more business updates here at Plan3t Gong before that one gets going. Has been another hectic month during March and April sees lots of projects on the boil and a conference at the end... will start with a recap of March

- Poker Bonus Clubs for Romania and Russia completed and Rakeback-Planet revamped
- Lanuched the 'Comedy of Errors' eBook in Russian.
- Finally Got our Limited Company running here in Hungary (what a task that was, hmmmm!), we are now 'officially' trading as Planet Corporation Kft
- Significant increases in traffic and more quality content across the network
- Player sign-ups holding up nicely and a surprise boost from software tools
- Tons more material translated... to be put to use this month.

Plans for April are actually quite varied... here are just the main highlights...

- SNG Planet: Should have the Polish version done, at least the SNG section which we plan on launching with (50-odd pages so no small task here). Also hoping to (finally) get a large number of the articles archived... they will still be available, it is just the list is so long that I have a feeling people do not know where to start. If there is time we will also revamp a couple of the main sections and do a better job of letting visitors know about the translations by interlinking key articles. Oh, more content too... in all of the languages!

- Omaha Planet: No significant plans here, just add some more articles to keep it fresh.

- Killer Holdem: Just written a couple more for this site, really not fulfilling it's potential at the moment but happy just to keep it ticking over for now.

- Rakeback-Planet: Just had a big revamp, need to add some more content here too... will write some this week in fact. Going to move forward with getting this one translated into Russian next... will involve finding a new partner to manage the back-end.

- Poker Bonus Clubs: New Polish version will be completed this month, at the moment we are working on revamping the 3 current sites in this group to make them more 'immediate' for visitors. Idea is that we use the Russian one as a template then cascade the changes through HU, RO and eventually Polish. Again more content on the way for this little network, will also decide on the next language and kick this off... maybe Slovak this time!

- Melted Felt: Hopefully my old brain keeps coming up with twists on the poker news - guest contributions welcome as long as they are funny!

- Durrrr Challenge Blog: Quietly pleased with how this one started, going to have a custom header made too.

- Plan3t Gong: Custom header in plan... if these look good we might start offering them to others.

Thats all for now... lots of things under consideration, just a matter of managing time properly, we might be looking to start our first casino site this month, but then again I have been saying that for at least 2 months now. At the end of April Erika and I will travel to Amsterdam to our first poker affiliate conference - really looking forward to this one and will post more about preparations closer to the time. Finally I am slowly (but surely) getting my head around all the new fangled Web 2.0 stuff and hope to have a page up on the portal and an annoucement soon!

As usual I am happy to answer any business related questions / comments (either publicly or privately... just say).

GL at those tables, Mark


Paul P said...

Good to see that you are still very busy. I know a bunch of people who have been hit by the financial climate and the difficulties it throws up. I think I am going to be at AAC as well. Need to finalise it next week.

Mark said...

Hey, same here... both online and off unfortunately.

You a member over at PAL / CAL?? ANyway give me a shout if you'll be at AAC, looking forward to meeting with as many affiliates as possible.

Cheers, Mark