Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quality Omaha Poker Website For Sale

Decided the time has come to part with my Omaha-focused site http://www.gonegone.com/ - broad outline of what is on offer below - the reason for the sale is to fund an ever more aggressive international expansion of my wider network. Sale is via an 'offers over' auction, full support during and after the transfer and use of Escrow are a 100% non-negotiable (so, any scammers reading this, dont waste your time and mine!)


With over 100 pages of indexed Omaha strategy articles covering all the main variations I believe that Omaha Planet is the largest single quality Omaha strategy resource out there. The articles are all written by me in my usual straight-forward + easy to read style... Omaha specific room reviews and comparisons also included.

The site was created in Dreamweaver and is simple to update, can offer practical support to get the buyer going with the template as part of the sale. Currently the main pages are PR2 and many inners PR1, have not really focused on the internal linking strategy - so tons of potential in this area. Domain is 16 or so months old and registered at 1&1.


Growing consistantly, last 30 days showing 3876 visits with 14,386 pageviews (a very respectable average of 3.71 pages per visit with 4:59 mins on the site, reflecting the quality!) 70% of visits are unique. Half of the visits from the US and UK, with the other half spread through Europe, Russia and the world.

Google + Yahoo supply the vast majority of visitors - with 80% coming via search engines. This is hardly surprising when you consider some excellent SERPS terms... big G highlights include:

Pot Limit Omaha - 5th
PLO Poker - 2nd
PLO Strategy - 3rd
Omaha Poker - 10th
Omaha Strategy - 9th
Omaha Poker Strategy - 7th
8-Game Poker - 4th

Yahoo is actually even better, with a slightly different mix of the same terms.

There are tons more on the first page and 2nd pages, and while a site should not be sold on potential alone I have not actually focused on the SERPS too hard with this site... anyone making a small effort to build links should be able to quickly take these up a level!


No 100% clear numbers to share here, more down to my poor tracking of where my signups are coming from than anything else. Will do my best to put some figures based on the percentage of visits in my network, while I will answer any questions pre-sale as fully and openly as possible I will not be providing earnings screenshots to anyone... since we can not separate this site alone and my income is nobodys business but my own!

So, my best estimate based on traffic is 6 to 10 RMPs a month to Titan, Stars and Tilt mostly with a couple to UB and the odd one to the other sites we feature. The sites where I do have code visibility seem to back this up, with around 10% to 15% of revenue coming from my Omaha sign-ups (the accounts themselves are not for sale, since these are all mixed up with my other accounts).

Looking through the site now as I prepare for this offer I feel that the 'sales level' is actually set too low, there is again a ton of potential (that word again!) with more calls to action and more links / banners etc to improve on this level (which may even be a conservative estimate to start with!).

The Sales Process:

Going to try an informal type of auction starting any bids at $7,000... while I do not have a BIN (don't ask... your offers first please!) a nice high offer could well convince me to close the bidding immediately. Will keep this open for a week after posting and update the latest offers as and when they come in... if we keep all bids via PM at Poker Affiliate Listings --> Via This Thread <-- span=""> then we can end with screen-shots to ensure that increments are honest etc (with names smudged over of course and happy to verify with a mod if required!).

I do have a 'reserve' in mind and reserve the right to change my mind if only low bids are received (!)... after all, there is a ton of potential - and other than wanting to re-invest I will not be starving without the money!!

So, any questions let me know... late here now so will answer in the morning.

Just remembered, this one is listed in DMOZ too.

GL at those tables, Mark

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