Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pot Limit Omaha Ramblings, Erm, I Mean Strategy

Been a while since any Pot Limit Omaha featured on Plan3t Gong... some small ammends today.

Still love this game, as frustrating as it can be.... wrote an article on playing top 2 the other day which will go up next week on Omaha Planet. Basic premise is that this hand is dangerous, especially on drawy boards - yet can be really very profitable against an opponent that you know is overplaying aces (and if you play PLO for a while these opponents become very easy to spot (and stack!!)).

All good - except the poker gods decided it would be funny to take 3 buy-ins from me in exactly the aces vs 2-pair hands over the last week.... admittedly one of them had a nut flush draw to go with his aces so not exactly a suckout. To balance this 80% of the money went in on the turn in the last one! No bad beat stories here... just laughing at the irony of completing the article only to have it come back and bite you!

When I am very tired at the end of a day there it can be enjoyable to become my alter-alter-ego 'The Phantom Min-Raiser of Old London Town' at the Omaha Tables. While min-raising every hand pre-flop and min-betting every flop is primarily for fun only, it actually does have an educational aspect too (yes, really! Read on!)

This occurs in two ways.... firstly peoples reactions are interesting. You can quickly judge who is adjusting and who is not, you'll get 1 (or 2) 'table captains' who will try and show you who is boss - the question is are they reraising you from position? With premium hands? does the size of their reraise tell you about their hand?

More passive opponents and tricky fools (no need to be tricky in PLO... you can disguise your hands perfectly well by raising lots of combos and betting lots of flops!) will try and check-raise you for sure, but what with? Especially when you have 95 big blinds behind you what is a 10BB check-raise from out of position hoping to achieve...

Sure, min-raising is not really poker - but adjusting to your opponents is, and you'll be suprised how much fun it can be to react... and as a special bonus nobody will believe you when you flop that monster hand / draw - those times you double your stack more than make up for the mini-bet / fold routine.

Anyway, not advokating this as a strategy... just some educational fun!

Gl at the tables, Mark

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