Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Morning Has Changed...

Hectic weekend searching for a car (no joy yet, some close but nothing ideal!) and visiting the in-laws... but this post concerns Monday Mornings.

Used to hate them.

Sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday always meant a being awake late on Sunday evening - which in turn lead to the alarm seeming to be just a couple of hours too early on Monday. No choices back then, up shave, suited and off to work for the corporation... actually enjoyed my job, but the end of the weekend was always a depressing moment!

How things are different now.

Now I work for myself, on the poker websites (if you have not seen them then there are some adverts top right)... Mondays have changed completely. I actually wake up super-motivated on a Monday, looking forward to getting into the office and driving things forward... my mind racing about which projects to start and which will be completed, new ideas fight with improvements and virtual lists of possible new content.

Sure, running your own business is hard work - but that feeling of drive on a Monday morning sure is a good sign that I chose the right path.

Plan on posting several times this week, after all, Plan3t Gong has a role to make its 1000's of readers think!

Gl at the tables, Mark

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