Thursday, April 23, 2009

In Search Of Pokerius Averagus

Been thinking about all that Poker Strategy Stuff... actually, since I spend so much time writing about it for my network of sites I probably think about it too much (ah well). Anyway, bankroll management, variance, long term profits, site and table selection, hand ranges and so on - sure we can find great information on all of these... the thing is does it really apply to your average poker player??

Well, let us start by thinking about what an average poker player might look like!

The internet is not a very good place to find evidence of pokerius averagus - because this creature does not post on forums or blogs or websites or social networking groups (though they may read some of them)... those people are part of another species pokerius serious - and we can subdivide this species too (another post for another day!).

To my mind Pokerius Averagus is not the kind of person who sees poker as a source of income, though winning cash is always nice. They are not the kind of person who cares whether a blocking bet or a check-call will extract the most value on the river... bluffing is much more fun anyway. They are not the kind of person who will only play with 1/20th of their bankroll at the table at any one time to avoid the effects of variance - since going broke is kind of expected and there is always a bunch more cash comining in next months pay. They do not get excited about the WCOOP, FTOPS and so on either, nor care about whether they have rakeback or just VIP points... nope, to my mind Pokerius Averagus is a normal person with a job, a social life and a nicely balanced life who plays (and mostly loses) at online poker because it is fun.

Now back to the strategy stuff - the internet is full of strategy, ranging from hand rankings through to maximizing your ev against light 4-bettors and so on... but pretty much all of it is aimed at Pokerius Serious - those of us who have decided to forsake the fun of poker (though many will not realize it yet) in pursuit of the money.

So what would a strategy article aimed at Pokerius Averagus look like? What would this fun player want to know about poker while avoiding all the dry and serious stuff aimed at others...

Well I have a bunch of ideas - but you'll have to tune in next time to start reading them... will start with 'Bankroll Management for Pokerious Averagus' which aims to bridge the gap between all the boring pro-level bankroll management articles and the perspective of the most prevalent group of players of all... the common man (or woman!).

GL at the tables, Mark


Strider1973 said...

Hi - its always nice to step in here and to read new ideas/concets on a subject that seems more or less thought through already.

Because in most forums, there are the same questions over and over again (e.g. "Will poker still be profitable in 2 years?", "Online Poker is rigged!!!" or "Which site has the most fishes?".

So I am interested in your thoughts on the Pokerius Averagus.

What might be interesting as well would be a classification of the players to different player groups - e.g. 5% are "Serious", 60% are "Averagus", 20% are YYY and 15% are ZZZ.

Mark said...

Sure, the division is something we have done for the business... segmenting the market into those that care about rakeback / bonuses and those who don't etc

Would be interesting to take this further and I might well do so at time point.

Average lifespan of a player is only 6 months according to industry stats and even most 'serious' players < 2 years - so makes it even more funny that those same questions come around again and again!

Cheers, Mark