Monday, April 06, 2009

63% More Profit Project - Idea #9 - A Tilt Contingency Plan

Almost there now, this being idea number 9 of 10 in my series on ways to increase your poker profits by 5% each time... with the wonder of compound interest these could see your weekly or monthly take go up by a healthy 63% if you implement them all!

So, todays tip is all about the enemy of all poker players - Tilt.

I have written at length on Tilt here before (and at SNG Planet too), with the many and often subtle forms this can take and potential damage to your bankroll. Here we will just use a simple definition of getting angry after a bad beat / cold deck or long losing run.

5% improvement in profits should be relatively easy here right, we don't need anything too special - just to have thought about the subject and created a simple plan for what we can do next time that Tilt rears it's ugly head.

This could take several forms depending on the game you play and your individual style. Stopping play completely is often difficult, especially for tournament and SNG players, yet taking even a short break can save you a lot of ev over time. If you really really feel anger then why not load up a play money or penny poker table and vent there - losing $2 rather than $200 could make a big difference... having a different screen name could help separate things even more.

Really the key to grabbing 5% from Tilt really stems from awareness, since this is at its most dangerous when you are suffering the effects and yet not aware of them. Depersonalising any anger towards an individual who bad beat you can be as simple as switching off the chat. Have a think about what you plan on doing now, and next time you feel tilt coming along you can feel good about implementing your plan... and adding yet another 5% to your profits!

Gl at the tables, Mark

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