Thursday, April 09, 2009

63% More Profit Project - #10 - The Final Installment

Time to wrap up the series on improving poker profits 5% at a time today. For new readers this is the last of 10 posts on ways in which you can incrementally improve your earn from the beautiful game - which add up tp a 63% gain overall due to the wonders of compounding.

Only one problem with number #10... there are several ideas as to what this could be... in fact I have enough to make this a 15 part series (but will not do this). So here are the ideas that did not (quite) make the cut for 5% idea number 10.

- Leave Your Ego Out Of Decisions (yes, you!)
- Stop calling junk in the blinds because you have 'good odds'
- Take better notes, individuals work in patterns, note them!
- Add Another Table... just one... repeat.

But number 10 that I'll suggest today is in fact: Focus on one format at a time.

Well, never said any of these 5% ideas would be difficult did I??

Anyway, how many times have you started a few MTTs, busted out of some and started a SNG, become short-stacked and decided to fill that gap to the right of your screen with a cash game, or heads-up... can't win at Holdem tonight? why not pull up an Omaha table alongside to see if your fortune changes...

I've been there, sometimes not that intensely - sometimes over the course of a week flitting between DON sngs, turbos and PLO cash games, not really studying any of them... not really improving in any of them.

Now, poker need not become a drag, after all variety is the spice of life - but surely focusing on a single game and working on your edges, your opponents weaknesses and your strategy for combating common situations can give you that extra 5%... once you have built that SNG bankroll then is the time to move over to cash and relearn from the ground up - trying to do a bit of everything is hurting many players bankrolls.

Something to think about!

Anyway, going to do a little cut-n-paste for you all now, get all 10 posts linked from the one 'kick off' which I will then pop into the side menu under 'List Of Plan3t Gong Strategy Articles' (towards the top).

GL at the tables, Mark

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