Saturday, April 04, 2009

63% More Poker Profit Project - 5% idea #8 - Hand vs Ranges

Onwards with the 8th idea which could improve your poker profits by 5% today, the idea being to implement 10 of them, giving us a compound 63% improvement in poker profits... today back to something a little dry, but actually very important.

Beginning poker players learn about hand matchups fairly early, after what-beats-what, bet sizes and position. After this comes the hand vs draw combinations with 2 and 1 card to come. Next we get to ranges. Now this is not a lecture on how to define and play against different opponent ranges. In fact most of us could grab the 5% required here a lot faster than the work it would take to do this just by making and memorising a chart on how each hand fares against 3 possible opponent ranges... I'll even help you out by naming the 3 you need.

Loose, Average and Tight.

There, easy. Now answer me this, you have a pair of sevens, how does this do against a loose range for an opponent in your particular game at your buy-in level??

Again most of us will have an idea here... but here is the key: Those players who have a much better idea than you have the potential to win a little more here and lose a little less there. In other words they have the edge which you are looking for...

Some good news: there is a free tool which will help you to compile such a chart in no time at all, and doing this (including defining ranges for your main game) will help you a lot more than simply reading a chart which someone else has made. It is called Poker Stove and you can find it via this link:

This is as easy a 5% as you'll find, and one that is freely available.

Number #9 coming up soon - so don't forget to bookmark Plan3t Gong today.

Gl at the tables, Mark

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