Thursday, April 02, 2009

63% More Poker Profit Project - 5% Idea #7 - Drunk, Tired Or Ugly

We reach number #7 today in what seems to have been an epic number of posts on how to improve your poker results by 5% each time...

For those reading Plan3t Gong for the first time, this is a series of 10 posts on how to improve your profits by 5%, which (due to the fantastic thing which is compounding) will give you a healthy 63% improvement in your profit over time.

Today we cover something which many of us are guilty of... playing poker when drunk, tired or 'ugly' (by which I mean pissed off / depressed / worried about something unrelated and so on). Now, you really do not need me to tell you that this is minus ev, sure we all have stories about how we won a big pot (not proud of it but I have made a final table after half a bottle of JD before now!)... but hey, time to be honest with ourselves - this costs money over time. Possibly a lot of money.

This tip could be difficult to stop for the same reason as the 'concentration' one before - that part of the fun of playing poker is that it is there whenever you want it to be... however, we can all improve our profits by 5% with this, by stopping when tired once in a while, by doing something else when feeling down once in a while, or by resticting ourselves to freerolls or penny games after coming back home drunk... and hey, it can be fun in those games!

Well, if you implemented all seven ideas you could easily be at a 40% improvement in profits by now... but stay with me #8, #9 and #10 are just around the corner.

Gl at those tables, Mark

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Grundy said...

Tired comes up a lot when you are trying to win back the money you lost, this leads to longer sessions than you are used to.

Nice post.