Wednesday, April 01, 2009

63% More Poker Profit Project - 5% Idea #6 - Tool Up Your Game

The 6th in this series of 10 improvements which add 5% to your game involves poker software tools, some are free and others cost you money (or at least a sign-up and points-collect). The idea here is that each 5% improvement compounds, adding up to a 63% rise in your profits overall, and the key to this post is a shift in your thinking.

In business we can divide money that leaves our bank accounts into two broad categories, expenses and investments. Expenses are a cost, this is necessary to run the business, but itself provides no return. An investment is money spent today to bring in more money tomorrow, to grow your business or improve your profit margins on those existing projects...

People look at the price tag of poker tools (most are in the $80 to $100 range) and think, 'well my poker bankroll is only a couple of hundred, I can not justify this expense'.

Well, I look at this differently - choose the right tools (not difficult with the amount of information available on forums / blogs / sites today) and you are making an investment, not meeting an expense. If you are a SNG player then buying Wizz (and using it!) will add many more percentage points to your profits than the 5% we are claiming here. If you are a cash game player not keeping a hands database with something like Poker Tracker and using a heads-up stats display then you are almost flushing money down the drain in this day and age.

Some people claim 'purity' of the game is compromised here. My view is that the sites have strict rules as to what is fair and what is not, and serious opponents are using these against you - time to level the playing field folks - the key here is investment and not expense!

For those who would like to test the waters with poker software then Poker Stove is a must have (calculates equity against ranges). Other possibilities include SNG Wiz, Poker Office or Texas Calculatum (calculates odds for cash games and is actually the World's best selling tool). I will not include any affiliate links here - if anybody would like to find out more then we have a section at SNG Planet called Best Poker Tools which reviews many of the leading ones.

Tool yourself up soon and reclaim a lot more than 5%.

Tomorrow I'll continue with another meta-game tip to move even closer to that magic 63% profit.

Gl at the tables, Mark

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