Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SNG Training Videos At The Full Tilt Academy + First Thoughts

Figured that Plan3t Gong would be the ideal place for an honest review of the new-fangled 'Full Tilt Poker Academy'...

For those not aware here is an overview of what it is:

- In essence a free poker training site featuring lots of 15ish minute videos from the ever growing stable of Full Tilt pros.
- There are also quizes which are timed, the top answerers get freeroll entries.
- Plus 'Pro challenges' where you put your skills to real use at the Full Tilt tables, you get points for these which can then be spent in a special store...

Lets be honest for a moment, Full Tilt are a savvy business and have created this for a reason. Pure publicity is one of course... as you can see, people are blogging about it! 2nd is that it keeps beginners interested enough to become regular players, and even offers a value-add to intermediate level players too, all designed to funnel more action to the tables.

My first impressions are actually very positive - which is a bit annoying, much easier to write about something when you do not like it!!

Watched Aaron Bartley + Lederers SNG vids and did a quick quiz, and you know what - they were nicely produced from an educational as well as technical perspective. Someone has obviously thought through how to make them step-by-step and invented examples of each concept... can we expect to see people folding A-J off in EP at level 1 of a SNG soon?? Not so sure, though the explanation of why was excellent!! Aaron explained some nice concepts for the middle limits, the problem with many of these for the lower limits is that you are less likely to get a fold to a 3-bet - so remember to adjust accordingly.

The quiz I took was basic but will re-enforce the learning, after deliberately choosing the 'stupid answer' to see what would happen we get a patient and patronising explanation of what the real answer was... then again I am experienced enough to spot the 'stupid answer' whereas a beginner might not!

Pro challenges are cool too, the spend 2% of your bankroll in a SNG as one of the SNG Challenged is great IMO... since 90% of beginners do not think that bankroll management applies to them until they go broke (then blame the RMG of course!). Actually making people do this could wake a couple of players out of their denial (maybe!).

So, great first impression - Since I will be adding this to Full Tilt reviews throughout my network the rest of the vids are on my 'to-do' list, will report back to this blog in around a week once I have seen enough to warrant another post.

In the meantime you can check them out for yourself over at Full Tilt Poker use bonus code SNG600 to claim your 100% bonus while you are at it!

Gl at the tables, Mark


Neilc999 said...

hey mark just a quick question. Do cake poker do PLO double or nothings and do they fill up? if so please let me know and il be signing up to cake using your bonus code. Do you have a rakeback scheme for this site?


Mark said...

Hey Neil,

Yes, PLO double-ups are available there, they start at $5 and go up to $100

They fill up, at the lower levels at least... only slowly, so really depends on how patient you are and whether your are going to multi-table them.

Go for it if you are playing evenings / weekends and 2 or 3 at a time... otherwise Stars is a better bet.

Yes, we do have a Rakeback deal with Cake (this is via a 3rd party so we can bring the best available 33% rate) you'll find it here:

GL at those tables, let me know if you set up a blogroll - we can swap links.