Sunday, March 22, 2009

Poker Chat Box Psychology - A Vaugely Recalled 2-7 TD Hand

Going to post about a hand today... astute readers may recall that this blog moved away from such trivialities as my own poker play some months back - however, I thought that this one was thought-provoking enough to make the cut.

Here is the background... short (4) handed in a Stars 8-game MTT in the late stages (i donked out before the money btw!!). Folded to me in the small blind and seeing 4 to a rough 8... thats 4 cards 8 and below, but not the best ones (smooth would be babies with an 8).

Now, the hand before the player who is now in the BB got upset... very upset.

In fact as I was acting he was still berating an opponent, the theme was 'u call a raise pre and draw 2, IMAO you f donkey' and stuff like that (standard these days, though poker was once actually quite friendly believe it or not!!).

I'm raising any 4-card 8 BVB anyway but here is the interesting part... even with junk I had an easy steal here. Since our 'angry professor' could not call my raise and draw 2 cards without 'losing face'.

He calls and draws 1 - in fact we both do.

I feel this is unlikely to represent a real low, my main logic was that 4 card lows are hard to come by before the first draw and (importantly) you would raise 80% of them - especially blind vs blind. I just felt the chances were that he drew 1 when he would really liked to have drawn 2 (or even 3).

So, I pair (doh - pairs ruin a 2-7 triple draw hand) but bet anyway. He raises, I call and draw 1 - hitting a 9 low. My opponent stands Pat.

Following the logic above this makes no sense at all, what hand could he have not raised pre-draw, drawn 1 and then re-raised with?? Back to the chat, he was representing strength by re-raising when he really wanted to draw 2 initially... therefore he was now highly unlikely to have a strong hand.

I check after the 2nd draw with my 9. He raises - now I can find out if my logic is correct... and put in the check-raise for an extra couple of big bets. He pauses, calls and then starts typing obsenties in the chat box again (which shows me I was right). I stand pat for the last draw and he breaks, drawing one.

Bet - call on the end and my 9 holds up to beat.... a worse 9 (phew). The message: be careful how you berate people - it might come back to haunt you!

Anyway, finally busted in a 7 stud high round when an opponent called all the way to the river with split 3's when I paired my ace door card, yes he could see he was beaten all the way to the end but called anyway!! No worries though I welcome this and wish more opponents would do it.

GL at the tables, Mark

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