Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poker Business Latest + (Almost) iPoker Rakeback

Things moving along fast here at the Planet Corp, with more projects underway than you could viably shake a stick at. Read on, there are a couple of excellent offers which I'd like to offer the loyal readers of Plan3t Gong first...

While delays are frustrating us in some projects (PB Club Romania stuck with a horribly slow Hungarian registrar for example) others are moving fast indeed - we even have a press ad coming out for a new employee to join us here at Planet HQ.

Happy to announce the re-vamped Rakeback-Planet (with the dash!) has been uploaded, some final tweaks required along with a graphical pros / cons box etc but the fundamentals are all there.

Here are a couple of offers which seem very good indeed to me, if I was not working 12 hours a day on my mini-empire I'd certainly grab the iPoker one for myself!!

- The Best iPoker Rakeback Deal in the world, ever! Except it is not rakeback, instead an infinite bonus with special bonus clearing percentage cash award and daily rake-race which pays a lot of spots.... add this deal (which is definitely not rakeback of course) together and we are talking 40%-odd for an average recreational player and up to 55% for a cash-game grinder... to my mind that is as good as it gets - and as soon as your bonus runs out you just ask for a new one.

- For my many US-readers I am able to offer some juicy deals too... firstly a deal so nice that I am prohibited by the Ts and Cs from mentioning the 'r-word' at the same time. Instead there is a 30% Bodog loyalty VIP bonus available, re-occuring, cash-out any time, on top of the 110% to $500 bonus... its basically r**** (oops, not allowed to say it). I can also offer the highest rates for all of the usual US-friendly rooms 33% at Cake, 27% at Full Tilt, 30% at UB etc etc along with races and freerolls (it is a partnership with one of the biggest providers - ensuring that my readers get entry into the profitable promos).

- Finally we have a good few pages of information (which will expand over time - like to keep those sites 'alive') including a rakeback FAQ and a page on Existing Account Rakeback Offers for those tricky situations.

Anyway, bit of a commercial post really - but hey, only do this once a month or so. If you would like to hear more on rakeback then drop me a comment, I will not publish it if it contains an e-mail address. Will do a more detailed business update post soon.

GL at the tables, Mark

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