Friday, March 20, 2009

Poker Affiliate Business - Quick Update + International Reflections

Still working like the proverbial dog on the poker affiliate business.... sign-ups and tools sales holding up just fine, and more projects on the way.

Really is excellent to be breaking into new geos - and doing it in such a way as to make quality content the driver for doing this, and hiring language speakers here at Planet HQ to ensure we do things properly - ad for the next person coming out in the press next week!

Relecting on the competition the other day and I really do have a huge advantage here... not talking about the auto-translating crowd (written about those types before, they are no better than chinese forum spammers, yet they often delude themselves that they are 'proper' business people), really those who are paying though the nose to have their bonus pages translated - and thinking that this is an 'investment'.

Here is are my Friday thoughts on the subject, going to sound a little harsh, but not meant nastily in any way - only to provoke the maximum amount of thinking / reflection:

- Translations: You are being ripped off by translation agencies, paying 22c a word (or whatever) to someone who is paying no more than 7c to 10c... they might tell you differently, but with a tiny bit of effort you can find local pro agencies CHEAPER than this. My thought is that it is only laziness getting you ripped off - wake up and dump the smooth talking translation snake-oil salesmen!

- Updates: What, may I ask, is the plan for all of these reviews and bonus page translations when the sites change their software, add new games or do their bonuses differently?? Will you have the whole thing re-translated? Any affiliate will know that this is a significant task even in your native language - so whats the plan??

- Links: Great news, links are actually easier to come by from many countries - where the cultural generosity outweighs the financial selfishness... but guess what? Nobody is going to link to your out of date bonus page - it adds no value to them or anyone else. What is lacking is not bonus pages but quality content in the newer geos. Again, what is the plan?? Almost every method of getting your site known is open, and in many cases easier... how are you going to unlock this fantastic potential??

- Sites: Why are you pushing sites which do not have software in the language you translated into? Do you think people will not see adverts, not speak to each other, not visit forums and find out for themselves which countries cater for them? Did you know there are small local outfits in many geos... they do not appear on the radar of 'top 20' sites but they are busy exploiting their local niche.

The list could go on, a funny example being that translating SNGs into cyrillic (Russian) letters will see you compete with government type websites as this is the well known acronym for the 'Council of Independant States' (and at least one 22c a word agency has this wrong!!). Local heros vs US poker pros is another area of note.

I welcome competition and wish every affiliate well (they are mostly a great bunch of people!), there is enough pie out there for us all... however, if you are having your bonus pages translated in the hope of 'bringing in the foreign cash' then you are only making the translation agency con-artists rich and yourself poorer... think it through first.

Back to blogging from a players perspective next time.

Gl at the tables, Mark

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