Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Series - Looking After The Poker Profit Percentages

Not had a linked series of posts here for a while... yeah, I know, I promise to keep them all together and make a sticky link in the side, and then somehow forget. Oh well, hopefully each post will stand on its own - and just maybe I'll go through this blog and sort it all out one day.

(Looking for the links to the 10 posts?? Scroll Down!)

Anyway - this is supposed to be a motivational series as well as a thought-provoking one. The idea is simple... lets find as many ways as possible to improve profits by a small percentage... here is what I mean, imagine you make $100 per week playing the beautiful game - and can add ways to improve that profit over time - now lets imagine that each mini-idea adds just 5% to your take and look at what is possible after 10 small ideas.

Idea #1 - easy, we add something small and our profit is $105
Idea #2 - Now we are adding 5% to $105m so $110.25
Idea #3 - And so on... next $115.76
#4 $121.55 (hang in there, the wonders of compounding start to show now!)
#5 $127.63
#6 $134
#7 $140.71
#8 $147.74 (see what I mean - only 8 and almost 50% up!!)
#9 $155.13
#10 - Our final mini improvement brings us to $162.89c... a nice 63% improvement in cash in the hand (allowing for varience of course!) each and every week.

You think that finding 10 small ideas which could add 5% to your profits over time is all that hard?? Of course not, and to prove it this series of posts will be all about ways in which your profits can be improved - whatever the poker variation or stakes you play at.

Going to start tomorrow - and will have 1 each day this week.... so don't forget to bookmark Plan3t Gong today! In the meantime have a think about how you might improve your profits incrementally...

Idea #1 Actively Avoid Winning Players

Idea #2 Never Ever Give Up

Idea #3 Learn Those All-In Percentages

Idea #4 Concentrate On Concentration

Idea #5 Profile Your Opponents

Idea #6 Tool Up Your Game

Idea #7 Drunk, Tired or Ugly?

Idea #8 Hands vs Ranges

Idea #9 Tilt Contingency Plan

Idea #10 One Format At A Time

Ok, hopefully this did the trick... of course there is still some money on the tables for many readers. Those of you playing without rakeback really need to stop what ever you are doing for just a moment and draw a deep, long breath... you fight like a dog over a $10 pot, yet leave $1000's per year in the hands of the poker sites, why!!?!? The trusted Planet Brand has the solution... and the Best Rakeback Deals available, if you do one thing to improve your profits today - take action to liberate some of your hard-won cash from the greedy poker sites at the very least!!

Gl at the tables, Mark

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