Sunday, March 29, 2009

Misc Ramblings On Poker And Life

Since I am doing the 63% series at the moment a slightly fuzzy headed Sunday afternoon seems like the time to lighten things up a little... with a more free form post (ie, started writing but no plan!).

Lets get the 'Earth Hour' done first. Yesterday at 8:30PM in your timezone the lights went out for an hour - millions joined in including your humble host. The lights alone will not change or rectify the damage we are collectively doing to our planet. What this event does is to get people to think about the topic on a more personal level... not going to rant about it here, but thinking about what you can do to help is much more constructive than blaming 'them' IMO.

Saw Slumdog Millionaire this weekend to (i know, behind the times as always)... very good film indeed.

On the poker front I've not played much of late, had a small SNG rush a week or so ago, thinking it was time to build a bankroll - worked for a while, $$ went upwards then I got so sick of them that the idea was abandonded... it was this and a specific cash game hand which really showed me that improving my own game (at least on a detail leved) is not going to happen for a while...

Now, this might seem contradictory to readers following my 'how to improve our profits' series, but to me it is not. This blog only ever had one goal, to provoke thinking in those who read - my own position is clear, poker is for liesure and profit... if either the fun or the $ go then I don't play!

Here was the hand... just a vauge outline since the principle is the focus, not the details.

I have q-10 suited in a big blind and a predicatable but aggressive opponent opens 4x from the button... small blind calls (he seems to call about 60%!!) and I complete - aware that button is raising a huge range here.

Flop comes raggy and check-check- 2/3rds of pot bet from button, small blind folds and I raise the pot - expecting a fold a good enough percentage of the time... and get one.

Boring huh?? Well, not quite... sure it was a standard combination of observing my opponents bet sizes and flop texture that lead me to make the decisions I did. Also having only overcards meant I was not giving up that much equity if he then comes over the top...

However it got me thinking that a better player than me, someone who was more dedicated to improving their game and win-rate would not have looked at this as 'based on what I have seen, there is a good chance he folds to a flop check-raise here'. Instead they would have assessed his opening range in terms of hands not just the word 'wide', they would have compared that range to the flop, they would have assesed his post-flop aggression to see how often this was a bluff, they would have an idea of how often this player would go to showdown when he missed and so on... the flop check-raise would have been based on math and expectation... not some vauge feeling (even if it turned out to be correct).

Back to me... I have decided to dedicate my time to growing my business and to focus recreation away from poker (to an extent at least). I'm not going to put in the time to fine tune the details in ways as described.

The thing is there are a lot of people out there who are convinced that somehow they are going to be the next poker success without putting in the work on the situational / detail level... my question is are they being realistic?

Longer post than expected... back to the 63% project series tomorrow!

GL at the tables, Mark


Littleacornman said...

Way behind you.I've still not seen Slumdog yet.Mind you I think I'm way behind everyone.Watching the news I saw girls mobbing Zac Effron at a film opening.Who the feck is he?! It's great being stuck in the 80's...

Mark said...

Never heard of this Zac character... was actually planning on booking at some point for the grumpy blogging angle, no time for the mo though!

Cheers, Mark