Monday, March 30, 2009

63% More Poker Profit Project - 5% Idea #5 - Profile Your Opponents

Half way through the Plan3t Gong list of 10 ways to improve your poker profits by a mere 5% each time - so as to get a compound 63% improvement in profits that anybody with a little motivation should be able to achieve.

Todays thought involves doing a little more thinking about your opponents. From my experience it is one of those things that seems banal - until you try it for yourself!

Now, whatever game you play and at whatever stakes you will encounter certain broad categories of opponents at the table. If you are like me then you may well give them notes (will come to that later in the series!) and adjust to the behaviours you see them exibit. Thats great, but with a little planning, a little work specific to your game you will find that many of those you are up against fall into broad categories of play.

To grab this 5% improvement in our profits we do not need to have prefect information on the tendencies of each of the 'crazy' the 'recreational loose passive' or 'multi-table rock / pushbot' players we are up against... what we need is a plan.

This plan can start with the 'average' opponent in your game, and should include what they are most likely to do with strong hands, monsters, draws and weak hands, when they try to bluff, their bet sizes in different scenarios and their starting hand selections. Once you have a rough idea of this kind of information you will start to see clearly how and when to adjust... in fact you'll feel so much more comfortable at the tables that 5% will probably be too small a difference.
Once you have done this for the average player you are free to move on to the minorities at the extremes.

Remember, some of your opponents will have thought about this, some will have a rough idea of your tendencies and be adjusting to expoit them. Retake this easy to grab 5% and you'll be half way to a 63% improvement in your profits.

GL at the tables, Mark

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